Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Happens When I'm Left Alone (part 2)

The family came back late last night. They have been gone since Tuesday night. I have had a sinus infection since Wed. afternoon. So, I've been a little out of commission. I made it to work half-day Thursday, and made it to church this morning, but what have I done in the meantime you ask? Well, my friends, I have watched movies. Lots of movies. Lots and lots of movies.

I have no problem going to the movies by myself. Been to two of those. Love going to Blockbuster. Rented two of those. The main thing, though, is having the tv with all the movie channels and on demand all to myself. Watched 8 of those. Yes. That's 12 movies. In 6 days, I've watched 12 movies.

This is why I work during the summers. Because if I didn't work during the summers, I'd spend my entire day on the couch, leaving it only to drive to the movie theater and Blockbuster on my way home. Now, by nature, I'm drawn to more intellectual movies, but still. That's a lot of vegetation I'm creating.

Here's what I've watched in the last six days:
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
* Say Anything (my personal, all-time favorite)
* Miss Potter
* The Illusionist
* License to Wed
* American Dreamz
* Something New
*Eight Below
*Waitress- had to see it because of...
* Serenity

Serenity. Mmm...good movie. One of the first things said in the movie was "Doctor, I'm takin' your sister under my protection here. If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears." I knew that I would enjoy this move (and probably use that line again.) This movie is very space-cowboyish. I had to go buy it. And buy the series Firefly that this movie was based on. Yeah, I'm a dork. It's okay. I'm coming to terms with it.

Next up...Harry Potter five. Can't wait.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM CDT

    ever tried netflix? i don't even watch many movies, but my husband does and i'm hooked. It is much less "expensive" than renting blockbuster and way more convenient (and fun!), in my opinion. It makes checking my mail everyday worthwhile and something cool to look forward to. What a life I lead, huh? mrs. bowe

  2. I've thought about it many times, and because I'm taking an upcoming "break" from things, I might try it! I did the Blockbuster movie pass for a long time and took good advantage of it!



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