Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I can't wait to meet you in a well-lit, busy location

So, recently (okay- this weekend), I read a couple of articles on online dating:

- Five myths about online dating
- I Tried Online Dating And No One Even Messaged Me Back

I've believed those myths, and I've tried multiple (okay- two) dating sites and had no one message me. But that has nothing to do with the reason I don't like online dating.

I don't like online dating sites. At all.
Not because of the guys that are on them, and what they do or say or don't do or don't say.

I don't like online dating sites because of who I am when using online dating sites.

When I see the profile of a person on an online dating site, I am only seeing a small part of what a person can communicate to me about themselves. And because there are often more than one, I start looking at them all and scrutinizing judging them over every little thing. (Calling a spade a spade here.)

Never is that behavior more pronounced (read: convicting) as when I meet someone in real life and realize that if I had looked at his profile on an online dating site, I wouldn't spend more than ten to twenty seconds dismissing it. Especially if this person is one of the most golden, special, Jesus-like people I may have ever met.

I have a friend that I met through derby. He's a boy. We'll go ahead and get that out of the way.
He's the "big brother" or almost the "mascot" of the league. (His official title is a sponsor of one of the teams).

I've been in derby for almost two years. I've heard of him since the beginning, talked to him a couple of times, and made all sorts of pre-conceived notions and judgements about him. I knew he was a "nice guy" but that's mostly all of what I've known of him. I've been cordial, nice, helpful when I can be, but I had no idea who this guy is. I had heard he was a nice guy who would drop everything to help, but a lot of guys I know are like that.

See, if he would have put up a profile, I would immediately dismissed him for several reasons.

But his online profile wouldn't have told me that he would stand outside in the pouring rain to put up a lean to so that we wouldn't have to get any more wet than we already had. And he would do this in clothes that he had just bought the day before.

I wouldn't have known that he would be the kindest, most encouraging person I've ever met. That he would volunteer to help me with the one area I'm struggling with the most in derby.

That he would offer up his house in case the group of girls he was with didn't want to use the port-a-potties.

That he would go out of his way to make sure we are all protected and safe on our way to our cars and late night.

That he would take the biggest challenge our league has ever faced and make it his personal mission to bring good out of it. That he would inspire me every time I see him. That I would want nothing more than to be like him.

I would have dismissed him when seeing his occupation, not knowing that he went to school to study music. On a full scholarship. Like, whoa.

I would have dismissed him based on the grammar and text and Facebook spellings and punctuations, not knowing that he went to graduate school and is quite possibly one of the smarter people I know.

I would have dismissed him based on his ethnicity, but not realized that he is nothing that it would suggest, and he makes the best jokes about it (jokes that I would make), and that he has the best sense of humor.

I would have dismissed him based on his height, not knowing that he gives the best hugs and the best shoulder taps and hand squeezes of encouragement.

And boy would I miss out.

Don't read into this.

We're just friends. If he asked for more (which I doubt he will, as I think he's got a bit of a crush on one of the other derby girls), I would not hesitate to spend any time with him that I could because he's an amazing human being.

But if I was just looking at him "on paper"- I think I'd miss every single good thing about him.

P.S. And then I did also go and read something along the lines of THIS as well.

Go figure.

(Also- it should be noted that even thought I have had these thoughts all along, I've never actually blogged about them. I know- I went back and checked. And damn, I've been blogging for a long time.)

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday Surfing v.4

Oh Lawsie.

I have entirely too many windows open on my computer. I kept hitting open in new window and then opened in new tabs there, and I think it's slowing down my computer and messing with my mouse. Says the girl with no technical interwebs knowledge whatsoever.

20 tabs spread across 4 windows.
8 Adobe Acrobat files open as well.

I'm actually writing this on Saturday, because I have reached my maximum amount of digital clutter.
Too much.
Must get some of this gone.

So, let's get some of these tabs closed:

- The Ultimate Fall To-Do List (for people who hate fall)
I can totally get behind most of these. And I am determined to find a corn maze this year.

- Joke All You Want, But My Sorority Days Were Golden.
It's true. They were golden. And pink. Very, very pink.

- Dreadlock Dad can scrapbook too.
Single dad with four kids that scrapbooks. And has very pretty arms.

- A Boyfriend Too Good To Be True.
This is a good story- and not what you'd think.

- Japanese designers create nameless paint to help children learn about colors.
As a teacher, I love this.

- The Internet Wants to Help You Take Care of Yourself.
At a time when self-care is of the utmost importance and necessity to me, this is really beautiful.
And definitely click on the Tumblr link.

- Why Are Little Kids In Japan So Independent?
I so wish this was a thing in America.
"This assumption is reinforced at school, where children take turns cleaning and serving lunch instead of relying on staff to perform such duties."

- For me to revisit later.
I love Buzzfeed.

- Socality Barbie is one of my new laughs.

- How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps.
This has shown up on several of the sites I visit, and it was kind of funny to me.

THIS tee shirt. It is just who I am as a person.
Well, I'll just get one of each.

There's more, but that's for another time.
I've read some articles on online dating, and those are for another post.
Tomorrow. Or Tuesday... maybe Wednesday???

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seven things keeping me sane in September

September is hard. HARD.

It's a busy time of year for teachers, as we're just trying to find a groove to settle into. Especially hard for me this year. The district has some new technology policies that are causing a train wreck, and I've got some special goings on in my classroom. That have caused me to join the teacher's "union" to protect me.

Back in February, in the halfway point of winter, I wrote about what is saving my life in the dead of winter. I got the idea from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Today she posted about what is keeping her sane this fall, and it resonated.

Because I'm barely hanging on right now.
It started at the end of July, with my AC going out in my car, and then hit hard in August when everything went all pear-shaped with roller derby. And then school, and things are all wonky.

I'm doing okay (don't be alarmed), but it just takes more effort to stay okay now than it typically does.  So when Modern Mrs. Darcy posted Seven Things Keeping Her Sane, I had to jump on that. (So much so that I was going to look up a book on her site, but that post sent me on a whole different path today.)

Texas in September is also hard, as yesterday was the first day of fall and it was still in the 90s. Today on recess duty the sun was almost unbearable.

So, here's what is keeping me sane in September..

1. Staying on top of email... I always start the year off trying to keep my email inbox number low.

2. Afternoon pile organization... I can't exactly call it cleaning off my desk, but I organize my piles, clear off a space, and it gives me a little bit of peace in my morning.

3. Self-forgiveness... I have to give myself permission to lay on the couch at night, skip a derby practice after the dentist, and most importantly, not feel guilty about it. It has to be a conscious choice.  For example, tonight... brought home sorts of things to grade. But I'm blogging, and then I'm going to read my book. And go to bed early.  (Just kidding- it's a really good book and I'm going to be up later than I should...)

4. Chicken tacos, and other plan ahead lunches... cooking my meals for the week gives me the feeling of being prepared, and I don't have to eat from the school cafeteria.

5. Fridays at Tom Thumb... tradition. Every Friday, KC and I leave campus during our planning period and run get coffee for her and lunch for me. (I can't have the same thing five days in a row).

6. Hulu, Netflix, and never watching live television... I was really at the point that trying to watch a show live was a stressor for me, so now, even if I'm home in time to watch a show, I wait and watch it the next day. One less stressor.

7. Face wipes... taking my mascara off at the end of the night makes me feel like a grown up.

What about you? What's keeping you sane this September?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Surfing v. 3

Ugh. Rough week. Lack of self-care on my part really kicked my butt.
(also- I should be grading papers now.)

It should also be known that I typically have two inter webs windows open at all times.
One has all of my school-related tabs. It's got seven open. Seriously.

Then there's the other one...
Here's what's "open in new tab" for this week:
* Which woman would you put on the bill? I haven't got the faintest idea how I would answer this question...

* Anatomy of a Scene. Very interesting look at how directors create movie scenes. And if you haven't seen Love and War, well... fix that immediately.

* If I ever got serious with the planning, I'd need ALL of these planner stamps. All of them.

* I Take my Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away. Dude. I totally get what you're saying. Some dogs are not meant to be "inside a house." But you're forgetting that some dogs are.
Exhibit A:
This is how I left her one morning when I went to work. Also, because I had to be gone all day, then at church, and then at a meeting, I swung by the house and took her to the outdoor meeting with me. She spent half of the meeting laying on her back in my lap and snoring. The other half she spent going from person to person soliciting pets and rubs. Those outdoor places that you took your wolf dog to are her definition of hell.

* How to keep track of what you're learning. I need to do this bullet journaling. It's basically a more organized, professional, and global version of my "open in new tab" system.

* Pictures of Debt. These human interest stories always interest me. Also, this is the primary reason that I won't go back to grad school as my parents would like me to do.

* Just THIS.

Things I did not include:
- I read an article on people.com about some disrespectful thing in women's golf that made a bunch of people cry, and honestly I didn't understand a damn thing in the article.

And for a little fun:
* If Toddlers Texted.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Surfing v.2

- It has been overwhelmingly hot, and now all of a sudden it's not. I still keep walking outside into the bright sun and bracing myself- only it's not so bad anymore. It's still warm in the afternoons- it is Texas and all- but the edge has been taken off. The promise of fall is around the corner.

- Work is still kicking my arse right now, but I'm starting to get into a rhythm, which also takes the edge off. I'm slowly starting to settle.

- Last weekend I watched enough Supernatural to take the word "binge" to the bad place, so I'm taking a weekend away from it. I'm catching up on Criminal Minds and rewatching Jane Eyre. I'm also probably going to reread some Jane Austen.

- KC's big 40 is in November and I'm preparing her birthday gift this far in advance. I'm taking a cue from The Aunt's book.

- I haven't taken my after-church nap today and I'm fighting it. If I take a nap, it's not easy to go to sleep. I'm fighting it and I may not win....

Here's what's open in my tabs today:
* This shirt. I want to get it for KC as part of her birthday present. And she's a reading teacher, so there's that....

* Bachelor Party For One is hilarious. What would you do if your party plans were altered?

* Reign of a Queen. I'm not a royal watcher, but I do find it interesting.

* Which Golden Girl Are You? A quiz from an unlikely source. I took it twice with different answers and both times got Blanche. Really? (Also- where are my pictures for the week?)

* September. We're conditioned to think September is wonderful, but it's not. This article nails it on the head for me...

Finally, a favorite quote.
As a teacher, this is more true than ever:

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Surfing

I am a habitual browser-opener.
I repeatedly and often click on "open in new tab."

Either I want to read it later, or I want to reference it later.
(Let's be honest- I'm totally thinking "I'll blog about that later.")

So, now that it's Sunday, "later" is here (and this girl needs to clean up her computer).

Here's what is in my browser lately:
* Supernatural Episode Guide: I'm binge-watching this show LIKE A CHAMP. I have always wanted to watch it, because: Jensen Ackles. I was hesitant, because: 10 seasons. I'm about five seasons in, and I like to keep up with where I'm at.

* This print belongs in my classroom. Rock, Paper, Scissors is the go-to problem solver and deciding factor in the majority of disagreements in the fourth grade.

* Here's Which Bratty Behavior Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs To Check Themselves For. INFJ's? Pretentiousness? Guilty as charged.

* JK Rowling reveals where James Severus Potter was sorted. First, did anyone expect anything different? Second, last week, she tweeted that it was his first day of Hogwarts, and there was a collective sigh amongst the teachers in the lounge. It was a sweet moment.

* My favorite news piece every week. It's a unique and quick way to get the gist of what's going on around the world.

* The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms. Where was this when I was growing up?

* This needs to go above my bed.

There may also be a few browsers open with things I want to purchase:
* This shirt.
* And this one.

Look for this regularly... because: "open in new tab"

Friday, August 21, 2015

Five on Friday: Looking Forward

Tomorrow // I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. For the first time in FOREVER (seriously- six months), I do not have practice. I can sleep in, which for me is only about 8am, but- and here's the best part- I can spend the rest of the morning lounging on my couch. It will be glorious!

Next week // I got to meet my kiddos today, but next week- I get to know my kiddos. There's magic in the first week of school. Exhausting magic, that leads me straight to bed shortly before 7pm every night. But magic, nonetheless. 

End of August // There's a reason that I get to sleep in tomorrow, and go to bed early on Monday night afternoon. Practice is cancelled for the rest of August. Because my little derby league has faced some rough times as of late, leading to stress and exhaustion like I don't usually experience, even the week before school starts. But at the end of August we get an answer to the "do we stay or do we go?" question. It's looking like good news, but we'll know for sure come the end of August. 

September // College Football. Saturdays take on a whole new meaning. I will probably start practices back up, but this time, I'll have ESPN, thanks to some password sharing on my family's part. I will have my BELOVED College Game Day back, and more chances to watch my Gators play. 

September 08 // The first day off of the school year. Typically, we go to school for a week and then get Labor Day off. This year though, due to the wonky lunar calendaring mojo or whatever, Labor Day is really late, and we have to go TWO WHOLE WEEKS before getting a day off. Man, this one's gonna be good...

What are you looking forward to?


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