Friday, September 26, 2014

Been busy...


Been busy.
Been gone.

I have some free time in the near future, and I am determined to get the blog going again. i'm going to really try to get some written and scheduled, so on the days I don't have time to blog, there's still something there.

Topics may include, but will not be limited to:

1. Cast of Characters (It is a new school year, after all...
2. A Student Teacher
3. The First Hissy Fit of the 2013-2014 School Year
4. Five hours in a car
5. My mother, a day off, and then another day off.
6. What is this sleep you speak of?
7. A Sister, her boyfriend, and an impending engagement
8. What's in my bag (derby edition)
9. A Weekend in LBB
10. Littles and tragedy

For now, here's a video of a Great Dane throwing a fit to tide you over until I blog again.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

There were three in the bed and the little one said...

"...get away from me or I will bite your mother-puppin' face off!"

That was Daisy talking. She's got some anger issues. And a pretty salty vocabulary (I shih tzu not.)

Right now, I'm sitting on puppies. Plural. I've done it once before, where I reminded myself why I do NOT want a puppy. 

This time, it's a little different. The family is away, so I'm staying at the house, per the puppy momma's request. I didn't want my parents to have to keep Daisy, especially when I could be in and out, and not at school all day.

So, every night, I bring Daisy over to the house for our evening hang-out time and to sleep. Then, in the morning, we hang out for a few minutes, and then Daisy and I go home and I get ready for the day. During the day, Daisy chills at our place, while the puppies chill at theirs. I go let them out midday, so they get some chill time minus Daisy.

It's a little hectic, but it actually works for now.
Except for one minor detail:
Daisy is terribly bossy, even if it is not her house, her brothers, or her sister.

She's got Alpha Dog syndrome, and it is ridiculous.

Pete only wants to play, but Daisy will have NONE of that tomfoolery. He gets near her, she growls and asserts her bitchiness dominance.

This was the first night, and I don't think I got more than two consecutive hours sleep.

Anytime he would go near her, the growling would start, followed by the barking that scared the bejesus out of me from a dead sleep.

The problem is that Daisy is very used to sleeping nestled up next to me. But Pete? He's used to sleeping snuggled next to his puppy mama also. So she would be asleep, snuggled next to me, and he would snuggle next to me and she'd growl and bark.

A vicious cycle.

By night two, I found a solution. My legs are heretofore known as Switzerland.

Pete climbs up onto the little murphy bed on my left side, and gets nestled into a good sleeping position. Daisy gets the right side. My legs, stretched out down the middle (not, by the way, how I naturally sleep) serve as the border, over which no puppy may cross. Occasionally one (Pete) tries, and I have to lift my leg like I'm doing scissor exercises to keep them on their separate sides.

It's awesome, being the Republic of Switzerland.

I will say, five nights into this endeavor (only three more sleeps Praise Jesus!), a truce seems to be forming, as evidenced by this rare sighting last night:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ten on the Tenth: August

I remembered it was the tenth when it was actually the tenth, 
so I grabbed a snapshot of life in August on the tenth of the month:

7ish- heading to church with Starbucks in hand

8ish- running down the service before the masses get there  

9ish- mapping out my to do list for the day 

10ish- preacher preaching (no picture)
11ish- preacher preaching (no picture)

12ish- home for lunch (B wants some) 

1ish- resting and watching something or other 

2ish- napping (no picture)
3ish- napping (no picture)
4ish- waking up from nap, etc. (no picture)

5ish- headed out to Target for some school supplies 

6ish- heading back to the house-sitting to let the dogs out

7ish- eating a gourmet dinner 

8ish- rewatching Outlander with horrible reception 

9ish- settling in for the night and reading. 
Four little doggies all in a row 

For the tenth of September, I'll be at school and sitting on some not-so-little babies. 
(I do marvel at how each month looks so different from the one before it.)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Giver, the next book, and all the thoughts...

Finished The Giver.
Liked it.
Trying not to want to read the other three in the series, but they would be quick reads, so they might.
I'm waiting patiently for the movie to come out next week so Moses and I can go see it.

A while back, I read The Fault in Our Stars. It was a hard read, especially since a friend was dying of cancer at the time, so I kind of grieved through that book. (Even if it did have Dawson's Creek Syndrome).

Next up on the book list is was the book "If I Stay."
It's about a girl who is in a head-on collision and goes into a coma and has an out of body experience of some sort, and has to decide if she dies or goes back to her life.

I've heard good things about it, and the movie is coming out the week after The Giver.
I downloaded it on the kindle before I was halfway through The Giver, and got about a page in (not exaggerating) before I decided to be a grown up and read my summer homework book from school, The Energy Bus. (The whole district is reading it, and we're hearing the author as one of our inservice days).  This was all on Sunday night.

Then, on Monday, a friend of mine, from school, was in a head-on collision. Right now, she's in the hardest part of the aftermath, and every day we wait with bated breath for updates. We are still in the "praying she lives" phase, and not even thinking about the "what happens next" phase.

She drove me crazy some times, but at heart she is an encourager. She was a late bloomer, not even marrying until 36 and not having a kiddo until 38. She always throws herself as an example to me of someone getting their desires late in life. She also believes (and tells me often) that if God didn't have marriage planned for me, He wouldn't have put it in my heart. (Also- I don't believe her, but appreciate the encouragement.)

I'm going to put this book on hold, and read The Energy Bus like I'm supposed to. It's a little bit safer. Rule #1 is "you are the driver of your bus," meaning you are responsible for the energy you bring in this place. So, I walked in on Monday (before the accident) and told KC- I'm responsible for the energy of this bus. It's negative energy, and I'm bringing you all down with me.

I'm going to go check Facebook one more time...

Monday, August 04, 2014

August. It's here. Huh.

I'm skipping derby practice tonight, because at the risk of sounding like a Common White Girl, I'm so exhausted right now I just can't even.

I am in a workshop this week that is mind-numbingly boring (or at least today was), and due to dog-sitting responsibilities, and other things, I'm exhausted today. I'm even getting Daisy to do some of my homework. (True story.)

But I've gotten myself into a pattern of monthly recaps (minus July for some reason), and now I have to keep going.
eh. I didn't buy much stuff in July, because I wasn't home much in July.

Um... I missed a lot of derby practices in July, and then there was camp food. 
This one I accomplished. I read a jillion books. Or four. ish. 
Let's not talk about my apartment last month. 
We can say that the tv is not alone in needing to be removed from the apartment. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Text Message Tuesday: my friends are hilarious

I am in a texting group with three of my besties. We typically have one text exchange every few days, and individually, we are very funny people.

Collectively, we're freaking hilarious.

One of the things that sometimes happens is that one of us will be out of commission (meeting, karate practice, swim practice, derby practice), and when we get back to our phones, or turn them back on, we have roughly 40 messages awaiting us.

Sometimes, something very special happens, and one of us goes through a patch of no signal. When the others find out that is happening, they send entire messages.


It's what we do.

I spent the first two weeks of my cell phone billing cycle without wifi, which completely sucked all the data right out of my plan.  I'd mentioned that to them, so I'm currently on very sparse away-from-wifi data.

So, last night, at derby practice, I put my phone on airplane mode. I actually do this every Monday, because that warehouse sucks my battery dry trying to find a signal for two hours straight.

Here's what I came back to:

Don't you wish your friends were hilarious like mine?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Update part deus

So, I covered three books yesterday in my summer reading update. 

Today, I'm going to blame someone else for making me read the next two. 

Once Upon a Time, my sister (who, like my mother, doesn't even read magazines she's so "not a reader"- which is translated in my brain as "is from another planet") was going on a beach vacation with her boyfriend to Cabo San Lucas. She needed something to read, and I guess a book was far too cumbersome to carry in her backpack, so she asked to borrow my kindle so she could read 50 Shades of Grey. I let her borrow the kindle, and then even went so far as to download the book for her, since I wasn't sure of her aptitude for that task. 

I was a little disappointed that the book would be on my kindle, but what can you do?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and KC finally decided to read that little book that I was so obsessed with that one time, Outlander. I talked to her midway through the second chapter, and she said it was slow. I promised her it would pick up and she'd be obsessed. I'm sure she thought I was nuts. 

Until I got texts from her cursing me for ever introducing her to the books because she was staying up until four am each night/morning? reading. I told her that I was reading primarily from my iPad, and also had the next five books in the series downloaded on my kindle, and she was welcome to have it and read them. She was thrilled (her husband- notsomuch.) 

I charged up the kindle, and then decided to see how far the sister ever got on the grey book. Turns out she didn't get past page four (not even kidding), but that got me to reading it a bit. 

And we all know that once I've read a few pages, I've got to finish the book. I've got to know what happens to the characters. I'm invested. 

And since I read the first one, I had to read the second one too. (I've been able to hold out on reading the third one. The writing is that bad.)

The thing is... these were very quick reads. Anytime there was anything risqué going on, I skimmed over it until I got back to dialogue or plot. As you have probably heard, that cut out about 60-75% of the novel for me. It wasn't too bad after that. The second one was the same way. There was also something about her "inner goddess", and I skipped that part too, because it was just plain stupid. 

So, this is where my whole summer reading plan got derailed, because I found a blog that mentioned some books she was reading and so I wrote them down. One sounded intriguing. 
And so, on Friday night, I started reading Dear Mr. Knightley. I really do have a thing for Austen novels, and this one referenced both Austen and Jane Eyre often (and she is probably the literary character I most identify with and love the most).

It was written in letter/diary style, and so Saturday night, when I sat down to read some more, I just kept reading one more entry, and then one more entry, until it was 2:30 am and I was finished.

I woke up Sunday morning and reread a bit of it again.

This book was rather predictable, and I knew who Mr. Knightley was well before I think I was supposed to, but it was sweet, and a nice change after reading the other tawdry novels that I had just finished.

I like that word tawdry.

So, now the question lends itself... do I read from the list or go rogue again?

(Answer: I just bought the physical book The Giver,  and I can't even imagine why I didn't put it on the list. So that's next up on deck.)

Tomorrow: a Text Message Tuesday showing why my friends are freaking hilarious.


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