Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December Daily

I am committing to doing a December Daily this year. I've tried one every year, but looking back, I've noticed that I do a complete(ish) album every two years.

2010 was my first complete album and my hands-down favorite ever.
2012 was another good year, though not complete (about 70% complete).

So 2014 is time for another good one. In 2011, I decided to do a 12 x 12 album, and that was not a good idea at all. I may have made it three pages in. But I did carry over some of the elements into the 2012 album.

In 2013, I decided to do a 6 x 8 Sn@p album and got the cover decorated and about five pages in.

So, now that it's 2014, I'm carrying on with the 2012 tradition of using the previous year's album elements: only it's the whole album.

I have the first couple of days planned out, and a list of ideas and such, and I was totally ready to sit down tonight and get a head start.

Until I went to adhere my first page and realized that I'm now out of double-sided tape.
How did that even HAPPEN?

So, for today, all I have for you is the cover of the book, and even still I may end up adding the date to that sucker.

The important thing about this is that I'm trying to actively carve out time to do this. My creative projects have taken a back burner lately, and my well-being is suffering because of that.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Present Participle List for December

**I'm documenting this as part of my December Daily, and just to give you a glimpse of my day today, I tweeted this: My students would appreciate your prayers today. They just knocked my entire cup of coffee onto the floor and we are starting long division
Reading blogs and magazines and little more. Should really get into a new book...
Adjusting to a new schedule that includes training little derby babies but starts considerably earlier on Monday nights- meaning a rush home from school to let Daisy out and get some food. 
Loving the leaves on the ground and everywhere. It's like a strong wind blew in and knocked them all off at once, and it makes my heart happy. 
Getting anxious because I haven't bought a single Christmas present. And did I mention that it's December?!
Working on crossovers and one-foot weaves and suicide stops and backwards skating and a multitude of derby skills
Listening to Christmas music 24/7. I have four different playlists: Charlie Brown Christmas, Modern Christmas, Traditional Carols, and then the new stuff. 
Exercising restraint in several areas: fourth graders, coworkers, family members. The usual. 
Thinking about how i feel like I am always waiting for the right thing to come into my life, and how this must have been when the Israelites were waiting on a Messiah. They didn't know (like we now know) that Jesus was coming. They had no idea that He was headed their way, and when I get to feeling all hopeless, I think about how that whole scenario played out. 
Preparing December Daily, and 30 days of gratitude (both the 2013 and 2014 albums) and trying to catch up on Project Life.
Wearing layers as the cold weather hits (and subsequently looking more like a hobo every day).
Loving the feeling that I have when I leave derby practice or bouts. It feels really good to work hard and find out what your body if capable of doing. 
Tolerating the choruses of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" as i know it is an integral part of a classroom christmas. 
Anticipating Christmas. And winter. Snow and merriment. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trying Again

I'm blogging from my iPad before heading to bed. 

I've been rather radio silent as of late, not because nothing has been happening, but because I've been having a hard time putting it into words. And not because it's bad or anything, but just because I've lost sight of some purpose.

I was stalking this other blog a few nights a go, and he mentioned that he blogs not for the readers, but as more of a diary. As I thought about that, I realized that was what I was missing.

I've been putting too much pressure on myself to tell my stories for an audience, to be funny and witty and smart, and that has kept me from just getting them out of my head, which is what I had intended to do in the first place. 

So, I'm going to try more. Get more stories out of my head and be more consistent. 

And December? It's going to be all about Christmas. Past, present, and future. 

(P.s, it's really hard to blog on an iPad. Even with predictive text. )

Friday, November 28, 2014

one year (and one day) later

No, that's not how long it's been since I've blogged...

Last Thanksgiving, I hosted and cooked and worked myself tired.

Then I went out and bought a TV.
I had to figure out what to do with a large, box tv that was WAY too heavy to move by myself.

Trust me: objects in picture are RIDICULOUSLY larger than they appear.

When I made my four small goals for the new year, one of the first on the list was to get rid of the huge tv that has been in my apartment forever.
Exact quote:
"And get the damn TV out of my living room."
And today, on this glorious November day, exactly ONE YEAR (and one day) from the purchasing of the new and pretty modern television, the  other television has left the building.

The Aunt and family descended upon the apartment/metroplex for a few days of Thanksgiving revelry, and save multiple trips here and there and everywhere (and a funeral thrown in for good measure), The Uncle came and removed the television from the apartment (as penance for some unfortunate choices the prior evening- see also: dos equis).

There is much rejoicing in the apartment (as well as a huge, gaping, welcome hole in the decor)!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Prophet of BOOM

I'll have you know that I'm breaking my "no computer in bed" rule 
to bring you TWO POSTS IN TWO DAYS! 
(This one with GIFs!)

I'm still skating The Derby (roller, not Kentucky), 
and while my skills have advanced somewhat, 
I still look a little like this:

I'm in a new group, which is technically called Group 2,
but I prefer to call it Group 1 and a half, or Group 2ish.

Group 2 is exponentially better, because it does not revolve around 
safety falls. Meaning, we don't fall down and get up 
a hundred thousand times per practice. 

While Group 1 is all about safety and falling without injuring yourself,
Group 2 is all about building new skills. 
Like crossovers. They are not easy, 
and mine currently resemble this:
We still work on stops, which again, for me looks like this:
Our coaches/trainers like to teach us some fancy footwork 
and do drills that involve cones and weaving and bobbing and 
strategery and the likes. They calmly and clearly explain them to me. 
And I look at them like this:
But nonetheless, I get out there and try my hardest to 
wrap my brain around what they expect us to do. 
Which means I look a little like this:
Then, somehow, magically, I turn around mid-skating and don't fall
and don't flail my arms or injure myself, and I totally embrace the victory:
But the real kicker is that Group 2 is not just about skills. 
It's about this little personal hell concept called Endurance. 

We have to get our stamina up to achieve the magic numbers: 
Twenty-seven laps skated in five minutes. 
Do you know how long five minutes is on skates? 
It's a LONG A$$ TIME. 

Especially for someone who is not going to get to 
twenty-seven laps anytime soon. 
So, my goal is just getting better each time. 

The first time: 10 in about 2 1/2. Couldn't skate the whole time. 
Why? After ten laps, I was all:
As with many athletes, the problem is between my ears and not in my legs, 
so for my second time around, my goal was 11, and I got 15. 
Woo hoo! I increased 5 laps! 
And I didn't die. 

But I'm getting stronger now, and even wearing the sassier pants
(as Reckless would say) (Don't tell her they're just from Old Navy). 
During one hot streak of five practices without skipping one, 
I even made it to 19 laps in 5 minutes. 
That left me feeling like:
with a side dish of...
I've also started attending Saturday morning practices. 
Since I'm in group 2, I should probably go to practice 
at least two times a week. 
Saturday practices are hard. 
Getting up and at the rink and in 
gear and warming up by 9am? 
Then, we do drills. Footwork. 
And sometimes, that endurance hell I mentioned. 
Afterwards? For the rest of the day Saturday? 
This is about where I'm at:
   So, yeah. I'm still doing the derby, and loving every minute of it. 
The post title? That's my derby name. 
It was given to me by Reckless. 
I could not for the life of me come up with a name, 
but I didn't stress at all, knowing it would come to me. 

And it did. 
Reckless calls me Prophet 
(which I love, because if this whole derby things doesn't work out, 
I can start a small, fundamentalist cult)
My wife (Derby, not Sister) calls me BOOM. 
So I'm still working on that. 

There's one little problem with working on The Derby so much nowadays. 
The smell of my gear after practice:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Long story... involves the dog.

I guess I should post before November is clear over.
Especially since a member of my Most Awesome Bobsled Team insisted that I do so on my day off.

So I decided had to take a day off today, and in order to do that I have to fill out a form for my principal listing the reason I'm taking the day off. I listed "long story... involves the dog." And it's true.

I live in an apartment, so they are constantly having to come in and fix this or that or check this or that, and it's so much more than just a little annoying. And I have to make arrangements for The Dog Who Will Not Be Confined To A Crate Thankyouverymuch. So I typically take her to the Groomer, or the Parents, or even doggy day care.

Long story short- she didn't have her vaccines up to date, meaning the groomer and day care were out of the question. I could get the Parents or a friend to watch her, but instead I decided to take the day off, and it may very well be the best decision I've made in a long time!

I slept in (until 7:00), and got a few things done around the house.
Daisy and I both needed some shots, so we got those. I am now protected from The Flu and Daisy is now protected from The Rabies.

I stayed in sweats and layers almost all day, snuggled up on the couch.

It was bliss.

Playing hooky- totally worth it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scenes from a weekend

Relaxing weekend. 

What Daisy did all weekend:

Friday night:

After getting her hair did:

All. Weekend:

I watched a little derby via The Interwebs:

I may have joined her a time or two:

There was a carnival with some silly string aimed directly at my face...
(Don't even get me started about this)

She actually rode in my lap shotgun most of the weekend...

She wasn't too thrilled with my constant photographing:

Seriously. All. Weekend. Long

I love being able to put my computer onto my tv and 
being able to watch derby in Washington from my own living room.

Not much time to write lately, but this is what the weekend looked like...


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