Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Last Conversation Before Leaving Lubbock

Today was Field-Trip Day.
And Grades-Are-Due-By-Noon Day
Which also means it was Jam-A-Sharp-Stick-In-Your-Eye Day.

So, since my brain is the consistency of jello and I am blind, my only post today is a rambling of several thoughts going through my head at the moment, and one fun little conversation for your entertainment. Here is one of the last conversation my aunt and I had before I left Lubbock.

Cara: Look…I found the boy you need to marry.
(this is not the first time a conversation has started like this)
Me: mmm-hmm. Why do I need to marry him?
Cara: because he’s cute and he talks about Christianity, and he plays the guitar.
Me: Yeah, he’s cute. Send me the link to his blog.
Cara: Are you going to email him and tell him that he needs to marry you?
Me: No, but it’s possible that I could read his blog every day and develop a stalker-ish crush based on what I read about him
Cara: That’s not exactly what I was hoping for.
Me: Well, we’ll see. What if he’s like 4’ 2”
Cara: I believe the phrase I need here is “beggars can’t be choosers”.
Me: Good point.

And that is why I miss her terribly. Because we used to have conversations like this every day. And I miss them.

Also, I am officially mad at my school district for changing our internet filter because now I can't read any blogs at school. Yes, I understand that the children need to be protected from inappropriate web content at school, but this girl needs to read her blogs as part of her morning routine. What exactly do they expect me to do with all of the extra time I spend reading blogs? Grade papers? I don't think so...

And, finally, because it was Field-Trip Day And Grades-Are-Due-By-Noon Day And Jam-A-Sharp-Stick-In-Your-Eye Day, I present to you the list of people I wanted to smack today. But I didn't. Because I'm all Christian-y like that:
1. my principal
2. one of the other teachers on my team
3. one of the parents on the field trip
4. multiple children on the field trip, some of my own, some in other classes
5. the person driving behind me on the road behind the school (Listen, buddy, I am doing you a favor here. You are not going to get a speeding ticket because of me. And weaving behind me like you are some NASCAR hotshot warming up your tires...well, let me just say you're welcome that I didn't slam on my brakes like I should have!!)
6. girl in Best Buy who wore a sports bra and tiny little spandex work out shorts in the store. Seriously?!?!?!

And now, I am off to go get a bite to eat and put together a baby scrapbook that I should have been finished with before I left for the weekend because the shower's tomorrow and Lord knows I don't need that kind of stress right now and maybe I'll have some ice cream with dinner and are you going to eat those fries???

Yeah, time to go...

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