Wednesday, May 14, 2008

15 Days

There are fifteen days left of school.

I cannot say with any confidence if we are going to make it or not.

Today, I present to you a fine example of just how quickly we are unravelling:

My kids have left to go to their respective specials classes. As I sit at my desk, one of my little girls comes in sobbing. She had been in the bathroom when I dismissed the class:
"honey, the class went to specials. Why are you crying?"
"I can't find the library."
"I'm sorry...what?!"
"I can't find the library."
"Okay, I'm going to the office. I'll walk you there."
"Thank you. Remember, I went home early yesterday."
"Yes, honey, but they didn't move it overnight."

And when we get to the library, she lets out a final sob of relief and says "Okay. Now I remember."

Yeah, we ain't gonna make it.


  1. somedays its just hard to remember where things are...

  2. Some days I can't find the library, either.



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