Saturday, May 03, 2008

Things I Get to Do

Today was a gorgeous day. I got to spend it in a car, which is my favorite thing to do on a gorgeous day. I have the temperature control, the cd control, and if I'm heading down back roads (today was primarily interstate), I get the windows down.

Today, I went to visit my sort-of-mother-and-father-in-law. He's in the hospitpal, and she just needed someone to come visit her and check on her and sit with her and listen to her, and I'm happy to oblige. As I was driving down there, I was thinking about my day, and my weekend, and again how I couldn't do any of it if I wasn't single.

This morning, I did a church thing to help out a friend who had to go to his kid's school thing. So I took his place. Because I'm single and don't have a kid-thing to do just yet. And then I drove downtown to visit someone who needed visiting, because I could do that for her.

The list goes on and on with the things I can do just because I'm single. And not the frivolous, selfish kinds of things like eating pizza in bed or going on vacation whenever I want. No, the God stuff. The being Jesus to others or serving in the Church stuff. And as I was driving down the road today, I finally got to the point that I'd be okay ten years from now if this is all I ever was. A girl and her God getting out in the world. With or without a man at her side. And if it ends like that, I'll be a little sad that I don't have a husband, but I'll be content enough to keep going in His direction.

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