Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm going to Lubbock! Can't wait! I have my Bible study tonight or I would leave right now. But I'm cooking for tonight, and I've done my creative project (as part of the study), so I want to stick around for that. But starting tomorrow, I get:
-to take the first big road trip in my Escape (as I've had it now for three years...can't believe it!)
-to take Daisy on her first road trip (God help us!)
-five days laying around in the redneck pool
-probably some cook-it-in-front-of-you Japanese food (yum! I love you fried rice!)
-three dogs...who've never coexisted together. This should be interesting. Especially since I'm sure Daisy and Ellie will be fighting for their Boyfriend's (uncle Mike) attention.
-a relaxing vacation in the middle of an already relaxing summer.

A few things to do before hitting the road:
- cut off arm and leg to fill tank with gas
- update iPod to reflect new purchases
- burn a couple of cd's in case iTrip can't pick up a station
- get dog ready for long haul...blanket, check. chew toys, check. sedation, check!
- throw some clothes in a suitcase and throw it all in the car.

And, oh yeah...
put some of my sister's belongings in the back of my SUV to take to her new colleg home because God forbid it would take less than THREE SUV's to take her back to her new dwellings!

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