Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bizarre Dreams and Nightmares

This time of year my stress level is at DefCon 5. Ugh. Stress, stress, stress.

It's leading to some really bizarre dreams. Dreams so bizarre I have to ask God what they're about. There's lots going round my brain right before I fall unconscious, so there's a plethora for my subconscience to choose from. But now that I'm under more duress than usual, with my video production filming coming up, I'm branching into the realms of nightmares.

I've had sleep issues all my life. Even done the sleep study thing, with no real tangible results. Nothing serious enough to warrant intervention, but just enough to be annoying. But one thing I haven't had to struggle with is nightmares. I've only had about three in my whole life, this last one counting. It's just weird, and unsettling, and kind of ruins the whole day. Which is probably why I had such a bad day in the classroom on Wednesday, including a fall in room that didn't even have a volcano in it.

I asked God about one of the dreams, and He answered it, which He almost always does when I ask Him this specific question. So I'll keep dreaming, I guess. Bizarre dreams and hopefully no more nightmares.

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