Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School...And My Little Dog, Too

Today was the first day back to school for me, and since I wore a pale blue dress and little flower clips in my hair, everyone told me all day long that I looked cute but should be wearing glittering red shoes. Except Craig. He told me I should be off frolicking in a field somewhere. Thanks for the love, friends.

The burden I've been shouldering for the last two weeks or so, the one that pushed me down farther than I've been in seven years, almost to the breaking point, is now gone. Yesterday, it got on a plane. There's a few things left to do with the situation, but they're easy and manageable. God took care of it all like He said He would, and Jesus held me together when I thought I might just come unglued.

All that to say, I had the first good night of sleep in about two weeks, and a wonderful day at school. I am hesitant to admit it, but I may very well love this year. I already know I love my princes and princesses, even the ones that did not stop talking at all today. But I have some good ones, and it's going to be a mighty good year.

I am blessed.

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