Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm so glad to have the internet back...

So, my BFF is back at school from maternity leave…bad for her, but wonderful for me. Things just feel better here at work. As we were having a conversation in her classroom today, I was reminded why she is my BFF. This girl totally gets me.

Me: “are ya’ll doing Cinco de Mayo?”
Her: “No. We didn’t plan it, but I may do it with my class. But I may not, because I’d have to go buy the stuff, and I don’t want to buy anything, sell anything, make anything…” (This is the beginning of a quote from Say Anything.)

A few conversations later:
Her: “Oh, hey…so and so’s husband got laid off.”
Me: “So that explains it.”
Her: “Yeah…but he got a severance package in cash so they’ll be alright for a while.”
Me: “What did he do?”
Her: “Some kind of sales. He may have even been in pharmaceutical sales. Or software…”
Me: “Was he a transponster?”
We both begin laughing…
Her: “Big fat goalie!”Me: “Chanandler Bong!”
Her: “What was Joey’s imaginary friend’s name? Maurice! Occupation? Space Cowboy!”

And then we reminisced about the good old days and the show…which is why despite the fact that she has to leave her baby for a while, it’s good for me that she’s back…

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