Tuesday, May 05, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

In the event that I am ever missing and you need a DNA sample- don't worry about my hairbrush. Just swab the bottom of the light fixture in my dining room, as I hit my head on it almost every time I walk "under" it, and since it is sharp and poky, it is sure to have some blood and epithelials on it. (I sound fancy, don't I...I don't watch Bones for nuthin.)

Alrighty then...I was going to get things accomplished tonight, since I just got word that I'd be back in school. I was going to get some recipes cut out, and I was going to get started on defensive driving, since I have two less days to do it in...but alas, I found another movie on Encore. That I own on DVD. So here I am. (This guide thing is going to kill me. It was better when I didn't know what was showing!)

I cooked dinner this evening...one of my goals while I was off. I wanted to cook more, but was a little short on that goal...another goal was uncrushing my neighbor boy, but that's not looking good either.

Oh crap. I just realized that Mother's Day is Sunday, and while I was not too concerned with getting something for my mother, my students have to make Mother's Day gifts. One of the reasons I was excited about having this week off was that I didn't have to make Mother's Day gifts. Sheesh...one more thing to do tomorrow...

PS. On Facebook, someone created a "LISD, we do not aprove" group. Yes, that's how they spelled approve. Wow. Makes a teacher proud.

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  1. a bread tie would fix your head bumping prob....and no, you don't have to do gifts... by the time they are in 4th grade we'd rather they just go shopping for that gift. But according to Katie I may not deserve much of a gift so guess she's not making me one at school...



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