Thursday, May 07, 2009

I managed to save the frog, but the rock didn't make it.

Sweet Jesus this day was a whipping!

Full moon. Children promised vacation only to have it ripped away, then left with me. Oh the joy of it. Add a Mother's Day project involving loads of perfume and some food coloring, and you've got the recipe for some bath salts and oh yeah, some crazy kids. That prompted me to write this:

To whomever taught my three most annoying students the words to the song "Ice Ice Baby":
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
One word for you: karma. I'm not sure how it works, but it's gonna be a b$%^h for you.
Love and kisses,
Miss Owen (who is now twitching uncontrollably)

One of my boys had found a huge bullfrog during the days off, and left it at the school pond. This morning when he told me about the frog, I mentioned in passing that we might go see it later. At about 1:45, the fumes were a bit much, so I abandoned ship and we all headed out to the garden to read. I announced we were going to the garden and the response was:
"When we go to the garden can we see the frog?!"
"When we go to the garden can we see the frog?!"
"When we go to the garden can we see the frog?!"
"When we go to the garden can we see the frog?!"
"When we go to the garden CAN WE PLEASE SEE THE FROG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

To which I calmly responded "do we ever go to the garden to read? Would I go out there and NOT let you see the frog?" Oh man.
Once in the garden, we walked over to the pond. The pond is a rudimentary circle that is about 10 ft wide and a foot deep max. It's a lovely garden and a lovely pond. We went over there and I fussed at the boys that were on the rocks and told them to stay off the rocks. Someone spied the frog under a rock and so I knelt down on the rocks and lifted up the big rock the frog was seeking shelter under. Poor frog is all I have to say. He only thought he was movin' on up to the big pond.

As I was lifting up the rock to show the frog to the kids, the rock started slipping out of my hands. This was, like, almost a boulder, people. Huge. Ginormous. So, I tried to save the rock from slipping into the abyss of the one foot deep pond, but I could not do so without risking the squishing of the unsuspecting frog or the falling in of the teacher. Thus, the rock had to go, and the frog lived, though seemed a bit annoyed as it hopped off into the shade of a different rock.

And so we read in the garden and got all frustrated with each other and came in and attempted to do science, and when the bell rang, we just called it a day.

Lawsie Mercy I can't believe I have to do it again tomorrow!

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