Sunday, May 03, 2009

I use a machete, to cut through red tape...

(lyric from a Cake song...)

I think I'm going to have to start referencing my titles, because unless it's a quote from The Office or LOST, I don't think many people get where my titles come from. I'm not really a "title" kind of girl. I find that mine are cheezy because I have to think really hard to make them applicable, when my life is really too random for titles. I don't even make my fourth graders title their papers. I give them the option, and most of them don't take it and I don't blame them.

Anyways, it has become apparent this weekend that "Waitress" has replaced "Stardust" as my movie of many weekend watchings even though I already own it. See, it has Nathan Fillion in it, and I would gladly bear his children if he were to just ask me. I have a feeling that sometime this week I will be watching both "Serenity" and the entire Firefly series, as that also has Adam Baldwin, and I pink puffy heart love him as well. Both of these men make an appearance in my weeknight television line-up, Nathan in Castle and Adam in Chuck.

It's about 7pm on Sunday night, and it's finally hitting me that I have a week off of work. Everything canceled. No responsibilities. You don't realize how much of life revolves around school districts until one closes down unexpectedly and everything in your life shuts down. No YoungLife. No LiFE groups. No AWANAs. Nothing.

Already, the nights are filling up...Monday night I'm still having an impromptu dinner with my YL girls, and Wednesday night I think I'm going to movie night with a group of girls from school. One night (or day) I'm going to get together with some girls from last summer's bible study group.

But the daytimes...oh the glorious promise of nothing-filled days. I'm looking to deep clean my apartment. I'm looking to scrapbook every day. Since I got word on Friday, I've completed two projects on my to-do list, and am going to tackle another one that's been in the works since over a year and a half ago. And I'm determined to get back on track with Project 365, as well as starting another book. But the most promising part of all...the sleeping, reading, and working out I want to get going. Sleeping in, getting up to read my Bible, working out early in the morning before a shower...all habits I fully intended to get going with during the summer. But now I have a whole week.

Oh, and I think I might be in love with my neighbor boy, so I'm going to try to uncrush myself this week. I don't exactly see it happening, but who knows?


  1. Hey! That some day or night better include me!!!



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