Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So long, farewell, au viedersein (sp?), goodbye...

Relax. Pull yourself together. I'm not quitting blogging.

But I did have to say goodbye to Showtime, Starz, and HBO this evening. That last one is gonna hurt something special in a few weeks when TrueBlood comes for a second season. By cancelling these services, I lost 29 channels. That's an amazing number.

And when I said I'd like to cancel, and they said it was effective immediately, they were not kidding. I had paused a show to make the phone call, and when I tried to unpause it, it said I was not a subscriber to that channel. Wow.

Now what am I going to do when I can't watch movies like "Stardust", "Waitress", and "Meet the Robinsons" over and over and over on tv? I'm going to have to push the open/close button on the dvd player and insert the dvd manually?! Gosh, I don't know if I am going to be able to swing that!

At least I still have Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, We, Oxygen, and let's not forget the Hallmark channel to occupy the time that I should be grading papers and doing insipid tasks such as laundry.

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