Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The things we do for community. And boys. But mostly community.

Tonight, my YL group was cancelled due to finals, and my LiFE group had only a quick get together, so we decided to do it at Rosa's Cafe for Taco Tuesdays (the whys of it will be explained later). On Taco Tuesdays you get three tacos, refried beans, and rice for $3.33. You can't beat that.

Unless you are me. Who doesn't like tacos. Or rice. Or Mexican food in general.
But I went because I am not going to be the only one who doesn't want it, and I can eat a tortilla and some cheese. Of course, that's not what I got.

One of the couples brought their friend B, who was the best man at their wedding, and went with us all on last year's mission trip. He and I are very close, since I accidentally walked in on him using the bathroom. You become close very quickly after something like that.

Anyways, B bought my dinner (buy one get one coupon). I just told him some chicken tacos. I didn't tell him soft tacos, which I wanted, but here's the most important part....I forgot to tell him no lettuce. And they put shredded lettuce on their tacos. And if you know me, you know that this is a ginormous problem for me.

Ya'll, I ate the tacos, with lettuce, and didn't say a thing. And it wasn't that bad. I wouldn't go eating it again if I had the choice, but most of the time, I didn't even notice it. I didn't notice it, because I was too busy laughing and talking and eating with my community.

But there was a down side to all of this. The reason we were meeting at Rosa's was because the young adults of our church were meeting there later on, and our group figured we would kill two birds with one stone. And so, as we were finishing our meal, they were starting theirs.

I've always struggled with this group at my church. The "Young Adults". They're all married. They're all super trendy. Our young adult minister could have passed as Jason Mraz to the untrained eye. I just don't fit in with this crowd. I'm not skinny, married, tanned, and trendy.

Don't get me wrong, they are all very friendly and very nice, but I just don't know what I have in common with these people, and while they try and I try, we just don't click. It's just hard. I keep thinking it might change or get better, but it doesn't.

I do have many others at church that may not be in the "young adult" phase (but actually are age-wise), but "get me" in ways that my own age group and demographic group don't.

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