Monday, June 29, 2009


So, maybe you’ve heard me complain whine mention that it’s rather warm here in Texas in June. I haven’t even touched on July and August yet. Oh, Lord, just thinking about August in Texas makes me sweat…

Anyhow, I’ve worked very hard this year to get myself acclimated to the weather, and I’ve done a pretty good job.  I’ve taken several steps to beat the heat:

- quit using a hair dryer altogether, unless it’s Sunday or I’m going to a wedding.

- keep my apartment at a balmy 80 degrees or higher.

- keep my little personal fan blowing on me while I’m getting ready and while I’m sleeping (made a world of difference in the sleeping department)

- become friends with tank tops

Here’s the real source:

Two showers a day. I didn’t start out intentionally taking two showers a day. I take one when I get up in the morning. Then, when I get home from work, I go work out, and take one after I get home, because frankly, I’m a little stinky after working out. That last shower helps me stay cool at night.

Today was the first day that it wasn’t 88 in the morning. The threat of rain showers brought the temperatures down. Clearly my acclimation plan is working, because I had to spend all morning with a hoodie on because I was so cold. Even Daisy snuck under the covers this morning after she went out because it was only in the 70’s.

I just hope this prepares me for July in Wichita Falls.


  1. True women freeze at 70. I'm just sayin...

  2. oh, I'm thinking you're taking on triats of your mother and ted... if you tell me I can't wear shorts unless its above 80 I'll have to kill you...



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