Sunday, August 09, 2009


I'm home.

It's been a busy day, but I had hot water and functioning plumbing this morning when I was getting ready, and it makes it easier to face the day. Of course, I had to relearn how to drive my car, and drive it in a non-Guatemalan day, which took some getting used to.

Long morning at church.
A wonderful lunch with friends.
Church meeting later today.
Young Life thing tonight.

But I'll tell you all about Guatemala later.
I have one post about all of the wonderfulness of the trip.
I have one post about all of the traveling fun of taking 20 people to a third world country.
And I use the term fun loosely. Very loosely. Let's just say it will involve not one, but two letters.
You just wait.

And I'm still thinking about a new blog style. We'll just see.

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  1. I LOVE your new blog template!!!!! It reminds me of something...mmmm...oh yeah, your old blog template. ; )



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