Sunday, September 13, 2009

And so it began.

After the Beta luau, I knew exactly who I was taking to our date function. Jonah, that cute boy that I’d spent the evening giggling to and hair-twirling over…and I quickly decided he was gonna be mine.

I called in my contacts, sorority-style, to make this little deal happen. I had Hogan tell Lex Luther to tell Jonah that I wanted to take him to the date function. And maybe afterwards get married and have lots of Biblically-named babies and live happily ever after. I was glad he left out that last part.

Unfortunately for me, one of my other sorority sisters got to Jonah first, and asked him to the date function. He told her no, that he couldn’t go with her because his grandmother was going to be in town or something. So, when Lex told him that I wanted him to go with me, he couldn’t because he’d already told someone else he couldn’t go.

My hopes were dashed. It looked like I was back to square one, which meant taking my accidental boyfriend the rugby player to the function. Of course, at this point, it was roughly three days before the function, and I hadn’t exactly mentioned the function to Rugby.

As a last ditch effort, I decided to ask Lex Luther for another favor. See, Homecoming would be coming up shortly, and our sorority was paired with Beta for the week. So, I figured if Lex set me up with one of his brothers, at least I’d have someone to hang out with during the whole week in which I was required to go to every party and mingle with the boys. Hey…I don’t have to take rugby boy, and I have someone to play with during homecoming week. Win-win.

At this point, my big sister chimed in that I should have Lex Luther set me up with George. I’d heard his name mentioned once or twice, from her, as her ex’s best friend. They were two of a kind and went everywhere together, and I should go with him because I’d be guaranteed a fun time. So Lex Luther set it up.
I almost didn’t go. Cold feet. Guilt over not inviting Accidental Rugby Boyfriend. But I’d already had Lex arrange it. And I am a woman of my word, better or worse.

I come to find out later that he too had cold feet and almost balked. His brother came into town unexpectedly, and since my big sister wasn’t exactly the sanest person on the planet, he wasn’t so sure about me. But he was a man of his word. Better or worse.

So we both showed up that Saturday night. Ready for our blind date to start with a two-hour bus ride.
And so it began.

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