Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Is there an ap for that?

This weekend, I went to Lubbock for to see my family fair. Unfortunately, that tends to include my sister.

I saw her at lunch on Saturday, and was very pleasant, and made small talk as instructed. Then, she texted me on Sunday to ask what I was doing. When I texted her the answer, she texted me the snottiest response. I looked at my auntie and asked "is there a way to reach throught the phone and smack her? Is there an ap for that?" My auntie, who has long wanted an iPhone, answered "I bet if you had an iPhone there would be." Let's just say if I could have killed her with my mind right then, I would have. My sister, that is.

I had a relaxing weekend full of sleep and fun lake adventures. Shortly after this picture was taken, I was thrown from the tube on a wicked turn. I believe I skidded, skipping-rocks style, across what must have been most of Lake Alan Henry. My neck is still a little crooked, and I have no idea what's going on over my left shoulder. But at least I didn't sprain my toe.

And I also went cliff jumping. I have pictures, but they reveal my full frame in a bathing suit, and I promise you, no one wants to see that...

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