Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why Santa may not be coming to my apartment this year.

Let me say again that I'm fairly uncomfortable with the fact that I'm the one making all the decisions about my life. I even told my student teacher about it today. The same day in which I can now produce email evidence that I am, in fact, an idiot.

However, The Aunt did remind me that it could have been worse. Way worse.
The story...My coworker sells tamales, and she sent an email today that she's selling them. I emailed my mother to ask her if she wanted any of them. She sent me this email:
Yes, order me 1 dz. Its funny, I just ordered some yesterday from a KW agent.....but her's were $12 dz..... she is doing pork with red sause, chicken with green sause, and jalapona with cheese. I ordered 1 dz pork, 6 chicken and 6 cheese. Since they freeze ..........we can try them all!

Thanks honey.............
I forwarded the email on to my coworker, ordering my dozen, and then decided to be funny in another email, which is never a good idea for me. I sent this:

And feel free to laugh at my mother’s use of the word “jalapona” instead of “jalapeno”.

It has been like this forever.
The teacher never sent a reply to the email, but she herds cats all day (teaches kindergarten), so I just chalked it up to her being busy. Until I got this email from my mother this evening:

YOU DID"NT forward this email did you???????????
All I could say was "Oops."
When I discovered that I had sent the email back to my mother instead of sending it on to the other teacher.

Yeah, I'm thinking my stocking will be filled with lumps of coal.

Of course, I'm told that I get all of my sassy attitudes from my father, but I think some of it may have come from The Mother, as evidenced by the response she sent to my oops:
I can't spell, but you can't email!!!!!!  Da............

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