Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, I'm in love.

Well hello there Friday. I've been waiting all week for you.

The idea for this is two-fold. First, as The Aunt and I were discussing a recent escapade involving The Mother and the son of a friend of hers, Aunt mention that she was surprised that I hadn't written about it on this here little bloggy.

Second, despite my apparently permanent single status, I do have some stories of dating shenanigans and such. Mostly from college, but a few from recently. Like the other day, when I took crazy Daisy to the vet, and met a boy there.

Sadly, he did not seal the deal.  And by "seal the deal" I mean "ask me out forever and ever or even ask me my name." Farm him. (Again, only The Aunt will get that.)

I love this picture that was taken by The Aunt, of me with a statue in downtown Lubbock. I wish I had been a little more behind it, but that's mostly so I could have hidden more of the horizontally striped bel-leh.

I've also got a lot to say about the Valentine's Day and how this year will be different than last year, so help me God. So I'll write about that as well.

I've got to hit the road to go to my YL girls' basketball game, and then a church event with small girls, pajamas, and words everyone loves to hear: chocolate fountain.

But I'll leave you with a few things that I'm planning in my head:
Feb. 4- the time The Mother tried to set me up without telling me what was going on. Also known as New Year's Eve 2010.
Feb. 11- Valentine's Days from the past, and why I may not be allowed to have a valentine this year based on my behavior in years' past when I did have a Valentine.

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