Monday, February 28, 2011

February Favorites

I'm going to start with this youtube video because during the Great Snowmageddon of 2011, even Jim Cantore was taken by surprise and it

Here's another you tube find that is stuck in my head now and possibly forever more. And it will be in yours as well. I might just have to like Local Natives:

This picture made me want to go to there. And the subsequent commentary on the photo, when I went to the source location made me laugh.out.loud!
Commenter: creepy
Picture poster: how is this creepy? you're creepy if you think it's creepy.
Commenter: i just feel like you could see a child laying in it in a castle in Normandy wasting away with scarlet fever. maybe not, if the there was more color.

Picture poster: yeah, like maybe some scarlet.

(hilarious, no?)

And finally, while I don't agree with everything this guy says, I did find myself muttering "preach it" as I was reading certain parts.

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