Friday, April 29, 2011

The only casualty of tetherbox was Hello Kitty

It has been quite a week.

We had THAT TEST this week, and my children, coworkers, and friends are all a little strung out.

Well, mostly the children, and boy are they s.t.r.u.n.g out. We've had behavior problems like none other this week. My class were still my little angels, but they were pushing it at every corner. There was more than one instance of someone yelling "shut up" and I found out that there was a truth or dare game going on in the back when one of my kids walked up to me and asked me if I would like fries with that.

Here are a few other items of note for the week:
- At our school we have a tether ball pole. The fifth grade has the ball, and they keep it to themselves. My girls wanted to play tether ball, so they hooked a lunchbox to the string, and launched a controversial game that I dubbed "tetherbox". After repeatedly banging into the pole, the Hello Kitty thermos has a tragic dent right on Kitty's face. Sad, I tell you.
- I am back to swimming laps at night, and when I wake up in the morning, my body screams obscenities at me.
- Things are so bonkers here I tried to put the wrong key into the lock at my house, and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't fit.
- Some of my coworkers are idiots. More than one.
- I'm going to be in big trouble soon if I don't start researching and planning Rome. So far, I've just bought a bunch of new outfits for the occasion. And I can't. wait. to. wear them!
- I tried one of those new nail polish pens, and I painted my nails with it. They didn't have any good colors, so I picked out a delicate pink. When I painted my nails, it came out a mauve that would have been lovely in about 1984 if my nails were on the hands of a Golden Girl. That's $8 I won't get back.
- Before I started actually typing this list, it was longer. I've already forgotten quite a bit of it.

I need a weekend something fierce.

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