Friday, May 27, 2011

It's getting hot in here....

I'm trying to update this here little bloggy-poo with all of my adventures from Roma. I even wore my I Heart Roma tee that cost me 8 whole Euros today as inspiration. However.

For the last two nights, I've had to go to bed at 8. Because my eyelids would not stay open anymore.

Also, guess what.
Go ahead. Guess.

If you guessed that I came home to an apartment that was severely lacking in air conditioning, then ding ding ding, you are CORRECT!

See, on Wednesday, I was only home for about 37 minutes that weren't spent planning for and preparing for and dropping into sleep, so I just thought that the elevated air temperature was me being delusional off of twenty-seven hours of travel and four hours of sleep (and let's not even add up the hours of crazy from my family).

Last night, I was so focused on the sorting of and looking at pictures that I didn't notice the rise in air temperature until it was bedtime. And this morning, I noticed that the fan had been running all the live long night. So, I decided to check it out when I got home today.

Long story short (is it too late for that now?), it's warm in my apartment, and my wish for this evening is that I would live in a place that is less than 80 degrees inside. Tomorrow, I intend to take that up with my apartment management and make that dream a reality.

Even poor Daisy isn't handling it well. She's laying on the "tile" in the bathroom and trying to stay cool. And I may or may not have gone and stuck my head in the freezer and possibly put a bag of frozen green beans lovingly against my bosom. But I'll deny it if you ask me.

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