Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Derby {Roller. Not Kentucky.}

Wow. The moon has been full and it is exhausting where the wild and precious things are. Exhausting.

But I'm not here to talk about that.
I'm here to talk about The Derby.
{Roller. Not Kentucky.}

I have this friend. She decided a while back that she wanted to try out roller derby.

And here's the best part: she did it. She totally threw on a pair of skates and jammed. I think that's the lingo. I don't always understand what she's saying when she talks about derby, but I do my best to use context clues and get as excited as she does about it. Anyways.

She had her first Bout (look at me with the lingo!) this past Saturday night, and me and a couple of girlfriends decided to head up the road a piece and go watch her skate in her fabulous glittery gold hot pants. (Reason #374 I could not be a roller derby girl: hot pants)

Before I talk about the bout, let me talk about why I keep distinguishing between the Roller Derby and the Kentucky Derby. When we went Saturday night, I had no.idea. what to wear. What does one wear to a local roller derby bout? Since I had no idea, I went cute. I curled my hair and wore a dress and a flower in my hair.

One of the friends said that I only needed a big hat and I'd be ready for the Kentucky Derby. Maybe next year. I should add that I was also carrying a pink lawn chair strapped around my shoulder, and a dainty green picnic basket filled with girl food to snack on. Sugar snap peas and ranch dip anyone? Hummus? No?

Here are some pictures to document the event:
So, this is what most of the pictures look like. Blurry. The green dot above the light blue blur? That's my friend rocking her green helmet and light blue shirt.

They played a team called the Battling Mermaids. There was a person dressed up as a mermaid for their mascot. I use the term "person" because neither Abby nor I could figure out if it was a man person or a woman person. Hmm...

They were the Fighting Unicorns. The announcer tried to get us to support them by chanting "F-U" but us churchy Kentucky Derby girls didn't participate in that particular part.

Here is one of the Unicorns' fans clearly supporting their team. You also get to see the seating set up. Bring your own chair and hope you can see. Works for me.

Here's my friend, ROCKING the roller derby look at half time. Please notice how HAPPY she looks, because she wanted to do something and worked her tail off to do it.


I sent this picture to her husband, who has the good sense to be a Gator Fan himself. (She cheers for them as well, and is bringing their children up with a proper respect for orange and blue.)

Here is another friend that joined us. She had to work a wedding and reception in which the bride refused to leave, and so she got there just as the Unicorns were doing their victory lap.

And finally, my basket full of goodies. Yes, I'm sporting a pink chair, a pink Coach knockoff, and have all the dainty female foods in neat little tupperware dishes.

The event was BYOB, and so what you can't see is my little pink mug with the Bible verses on it that was filled to the brim with IBC black cherry soda.

We were living on the wild side that night.

What were not expecting was to watch a good bit of the men's derby match and

And for me, I may or may not have decided to have a little crush on a Derby skater from Phoenix named Dynamike.


  1. This sounds all too familiar to last summer when I went in a pink flowery shirt with pearls on and a pink chair (and 8 months pregnant) at a roller derby in Sarasota. I was totally out of place there. LOL! They are fun though, aren't they??

  2. BTW, it WAS a woman. Thank goodness! I had to use the toilet after her!



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