Tuesday, November 15, 2011

long time gone

I really do keep wanting to blog again.

It's just hard to get started.

I've let it lapse almost a month. More than I've ever lapsed before.

I've had many "adventures" if you will.

The one with the dog, the fire truck, the ambulance, and the trailer park.

The one where I went to Lubbock with my whole.entire.family and didn't drink myself to death upon my return, or throw The Sister from the car going 75 mph down the highway, both of which would have been extremely justified.

I've sat on babies, and done soccer practices and games, and gotten us off and ready to go to school.

And there are more, that I can't remember right now.

It's not just the blogging that I've quit. I've quit writing at all. And reading.

But most importantly, I've quit creating. And that's not been good for my soul.

But I'm going to try again. To blog, anyways. And to create some.

I'll get back to myself soon. I promise.


  1. :( Apparently, we need an appointment on a bench. Love you.

  2. It's about time... even though we talk multiple times a day I still wait for blog updates....
    and you really should get a prize for not being in jail after your trip out here...xoxo



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