Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rain, Harry Potter, and memories

Today was just one of those weird days.
Long, but not long enough.
Boring, but interesting.

It was cold and rainy, and when I say that I only got out of my pajamas twice, I am not exaggerating. Once to go grab lunch (and then right back into them for a nap) and then once again for dinner. It's well past ten, and I'm about to put on a fresh pair in which to sleep.

I was awoken from my nap to some sad news. A coworkers son was in an accident. He wasn't driving, and was sitting behind the driver. His best friend was killed, as was the girl he was sitting next to. He's got a neck injury, and other various maladies, and they haven't told him that two of the other passengers were killed. Because we're southern, a couple of us have already planned a couple of dinners and such, but it's just something that sticks in your mind all day (especially the rainy ones).

Thanks to ABC Family, there has been an abundance of Harry Potter movies, which fit the weather and my mood all day long. All day long, I've been flashing back to different times, circumstances, etc. I remembered going to see the first Harry Potter movie. I was teaching Resource, with a class size of about 10, and my co-teacher and I arranged to have about five of them checked out for the day while we took a half day and we all went to see the movie together. Magical, indeed.

I've been lost in some other thoughts too, but those are reserved for my paper journal. The one that no one sees. The one that The Aunt has strict instructions to burn should I ever pass.

Up next week: my crushes. Things I'm loving right now.
Stay tuned.

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