Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Confessions 3.28.12

- Last week, I wore my Crocs. Twice. I was going to wear them on Monday, because they matched the dress I was wearing, but decided against it. In my defense, they were a pair of fancy slip on Crocs with a grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow at the top, and several people did indeed say they liked my Crocs. So there.

- I have to give the STAAR test twice this week, and I've never hated legislature so much in my life, or the state of Texas in general.

- For the aforementioned test, I had to collect my kids cell phones (four iPhones, another smart phone, and a regular old phone). I also had to turn off my phone. I had to ask one of my iPhone wielding students how to do it, as I had never had to turn off my smart phone before.

- Since getting my smartphone, my typing has suffered, as even on a computer I type as if iPhone is going to correct or add punctuation to a word/sentence for me. This is sad. 

- Katiebug once informed me that The FB was sooo last year, and now everyone was using Instagram for social networking. I've been using it more lately, and while I was looking at my "activity", I noticed that one of my students is following my instagram feed. That is very scary to me.

- Worse than my student following me, I looked at her photos, which led me to some other student's photos. I am very weirded out about the fact that I can see their pictures that they took of themselves in their bathroom mirrors with their cell phones. Weirded out indeed...

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  1. bc you went and shut us down for the last post i have to respond where i can:-) i say move to amarillo and hang w/the aunt - she seems the type who could kick your butt right into happiness:-)



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