Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Brought to you by the letters ADHD and the number four

I have been without any kind of medication (save copious amounts of Advil and caffeine to stave off headaches) for four days now.

I am the walking definition of crazy right now.

And let me just preemptively apologize to whomever has to sit next to me on the plane back to DFW tonight. Sorry. So sorry.

When we realized that the meds were in the suitcase that I forgot, The Aunt (who is a nurse) immediately had me call my doctor's office and have them phone in an emergency dose to the Lubbock Target. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. We went to fill the prescription, and for four pills it would cost me over $30. What-what?

No thank you. It's not like it's insulin or anything, so I'll just go for four days without my meds and drink a bunch of caffeine (which, coincidentally I cannot spell to save my life), and just try really really hard to focus and stuff. Ready? Go!

Now I remember why I wake up every morning and take a little blue pill.

I was going to write more here, but I never sat down to write about what it's like to be on ADHD meds for a good long time and them suddenly be not on ADHD meds. But I didn't. Because I kept thinking about it but never got around to actually doing it.

Can I just say that flying in close, cramped quarters when you've been off meds for four days is brutal. I can't get settled. I am restless.

Read a few lines of my book.
Put down book look around.
Think I might need to go to the bathroom.
No. Not a good time for that.
My back itches.
Hmmm. What's that guy up there on his iPad watching?
What's that girl reading?
Is that man behind me staring at me? I think he might be staring at me.
My back still itches.
Why is there a Kleenex stuffed up there on that panel?
I'm cold.
I do think I have to go to the bathroom. My ears are popping.
Oh. I think I just touched the arm of the lady in front of me with my foot.
Maybe I should try reading my book again.
What time is it? How much longer is this flight? Are we there yet?

Have I mentioned that we've only been off the ground for about ten minutes?

Since this post is totes random, I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures to describe my world.

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