Monday, June 04, 2012

I believe the appropriate metaphor here involves a river of excrement and a Native American water vessel without any means of propulsion

A little slow here on the old bloggity blog.

The last few days of school were a whirlwind of activity in which my kids were well-behaved and generally pleasant to be around, but nonetheless left me brainless and exhausted. The last day of school, the kids left at 1:15, and then all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose at school with the naming of the new principal and the heavy drama associated with that. I left school at 6:30 that night, almost 12 hours since I had arrived at school, and I was absolutely spent. Couldn't even call the BFF to discuss the news because I couldn't guarantee that I could be nice to anyone, so I thought it best to retire to my bed at the early hour of 9pm.

But that's not what this post is about. This post is about Friday, and the aftermath of 41 fourth graders and about ten adults sucking most of my brain cells out of my head.

Friday morning, after a long sleep and a trip to send Daisy to the groomer, all that was left was to pack my bags, pack up Katiebug's new to her car, pay my rent, and head out west to Lubbock, with the promise of five hours of solitude to clear my head.

Pack all my bags. Check.
I had to pack things for about five days away, plus some clothes to take pictures in, plus some clothes to work out in, plus my sneakers, plus my computer, plus some documents needed to make the car actually Katie's, plus some things my mother wanted me to take to Katiebug. The dress, skirt, and sneakers (you know- for working out), and other things were put in the car in one trip.

I came back in to get the last minute documents and search for something I needed to pay my rent. I hopped in the car, ran and paid the rent and hit the open road.

When I got to Lubbock, five glorious hours later, I went to the backseat to unload my stuff. There in the backseat I found:
My dress and skirt
My sneakers
Package from my mother
Other miscellaneous items.

The one thing not in my backseat?
My suitcase.

I made the entire trip to Lubbock and not once did I think "hey... did I ever get around to putting my suitcase in my car?" And the answer was no... I did not.

Luckily, I was visiting my family and not a third world country, so they let me borrow a few things here and there, like a toothbrush (The Aunt has about a hundred new ones in some random drawer) and a tee shirt to sleep in. We hit the Target and the Walmarts to buy me a few other things I'd forgotten- you know, like clothes and a few miscellaneous make up items (as I am the whitest, palest, porcelain-est person in my family). I remembered my kindle, so I could keep up with the lives of Claire and Jamie and Roger and Brianna, and it turns out that The Uncle's blackberry charger serves as a kindle charger in an emergency charging situation.

There is one other thing that they could not provide me with that I had packed away.
My ADHD meds.
We'll talk about life without those at a later blog post. It's all I can do to focus long enough to get this one written.

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