Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wakey Burt makes promises Sleepy Burt can't keep.

Love Raising Hope. Always up for a good quote for the blog post.

Another quote... If it's good enough for Saved by the Bell, then it's good enough for me... (from The New Normal)

So, I have been sitting for one particular family for about three years now. They've made quite a few contributions to Citibank on my behalf over the years, so when they occasionally call me to come watch the kids and run the carpool and take the kids here and there when an appointment runs late and dad's working late, I take care of it. Both because of the money, but also because I've had these two for so long, they're basically my children anyways.

 Today, I had to pick them up and then take them to Kumon, where they have afternoon lessons. Aside from the driving back and forth eighteen million times due to differing school release times, I had to sit in the Kumon waiting room. Which is the seventh circle of hell, I tell you.

Seventh Circle.

I had been curious about how these programs work, so I asked Little Sister what she did there.
We go in, and take them our worksheets and get new ones. Then, they grade the new ones and we get to leave.
Oh y'all. At first, I wasn't sure, so I asked Big Brother. Same answer. Worksheets? And then some more worksheets? You have GOT to be kidding me. We had to wait twenty minutes for someone to be free to grade his papers. Listen, I've got a Master's Degree in grading papers... gimme the things and I'll tell you how he did.

Seventh Circle of HELL. 

And finally, for today's installment of "Things Teachers Say":

Well at least wipe the blood off!

Someone didn't want to go to the nurse despite the blood dripping from  her knee after recess.

Does it count if the water is fruit-flavored

My dog in the morning.
New music.
Windows down.
Adventures with daisy.
My favorite radio station playing
my favorite song in the morning.

My sister found these before I had them hung on the wall.
She asked if I'd lost all of the y's to spell Joy.
Then I explained that they were my initials and I rolled my eyes at her.
Because she deserved it.

SEC fb + crafty craftiness = 4:00 Saturday afternoon...

This show is the opposite of calm. Tonight: like, whoa.

Carpool and drop off this afternoon.
Lots of sitting and waiting.
With a sonic drink for good measure....

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