Saturday, November 03, 2012

random brain dump

- My computer is giving me nonstop problems. I have to restart two to three times every time I sit down to work on it. I'm maxed out on my cursing words. But not stopping.

-Since starting this, I've had to restart three times. Not exaggerating.

- It's been a week, to say the least. I've been running here and there, getting up at 4am to go babysit, and then there's the part about Halloween and The Sister's birthday.

- There was also a little bit of disappointment on Thursday, but I stuck to my 24 hour rule- I get to wallow and feel sorry for myself for 1 whole day, and then I have to get on with my life. And I did.

- I've also been sickly this week. Starting out the nighttime in my bed, and round about 1am moving to the couch so I can sleep sitting up and therefore, breathe.

- I'm digging my music as of late, and will have a whole post with my November mix. Because I'm kind of self-important like that.

- I'm trying to decide what to do regarding the Thanksgiving where-to-go debate. No one is exactly pushing me to make the decision, but they're waiting on me to make the decision, so I feel kind of bad about that. But my decision-maker is about broken, so I'm kind of stuck like that.

- Because of issues with my health insurance provider, my ADHD meds were denied until I jump through a few red-tape-ish hoops. So I've been off meds for two weeks now, and I can't get myself pulled together enough to jump through the hoops. I've also been self-medicating with copious amounts of caffeine.

- I haven't read a book in a while, and I really am feeling the consequences of that. I keep meaning to start reading again, but there's nothing interesting me lately. There is the last book in the Outlander series, but I just don't know if I'm ready to climb back into that obsession again.

- Now that it's not October, I need to take down my Halloween mantel. I'm already piecing together the November mantel. And I think I may like it. 

- I am gathering all of my supplies to do a new December Daily again, and I'm very excited about it. I got the album cover today. Sigh... I really do need to create again.

- Finally... I still can't believe that my neighbor vacuums at 9:15. Almost every night. Bizarre. 

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