Monday, January 28, 2013

Project life {week 3}

First things first:
Sweet Tarts makes a gummy heart candy because of Valentine's Day.

And I am an addict. 

Week 3 was such a crazy busy week. Things every day and night. First snow of the season. Busy busy.
And I'm slowly developing a style.

Here's a look at week three:

Weather conditions here haven't been ideal, so photographing this isn't coming with the best lighting. And I also had to crop my toes out of the photo.

Left side:
babysitting, First snow, Daisy and her coat, Project life kit
It snowed this week! The forecasters called for a few flurries, and we got a complete white covering. I was babysitting, in a bedroom that came straight out of 1985, and I'm really only there for my driving abilities. I listed my schedule on a journal card.

Since I've been purposely trying to include Daisy's story each week, I included a photo of her going to Grandpa's house, which is where she goes when I babysit. I also included a picture of her in her coat, which she HATES, because it was so cold. (I used templates for the photos.)

And I got my core kit, so, you know... YAY! (Imagine Phoebe saying that.)

Right side:
Food fail, dinner tradition, in the classroom, and a church event
Tuesday night was a complete food fail on several accounts. I took the picture of a cinnamon situation in my kitchen, and got more specific in the journaling. I also included a text from the Peace Corps Queen and documentation of our Japanese dinner tradition. It's a good thing.

The top right is a flap of two photos, like last week. The inside has photos of the kids, so it's a no go here. The top is what my room looks like on a reward movie day. The bottom is some pictures of a church event in which I was the photographer. I used a filler card for journaling.

I'm loving the rhythm I have down for Project Life. I'm loving the creativity that it's inspiring. I'd like to get more of the pictures journaled in a more scrapbook form, but I'm working towards that. For next week, I used a bunch of Cathy Zielske's template freebies, and I do  love it.

I have a feeling I'm going to love this project to infinity and beyond.

The Mom Creative

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  1. Great layout! I love that you are including your pup. She looks sweet in her coat.



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