Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sixteen Things on the Sixteenth Day of the Craziest Month of the Year.

Tap tap tap... is this thing on?

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and apparently this is no longer just a project life blog, but a silent one as well. Sorry about that, but it's April, and April is typically when the world goes all crazy.

I've had two posts ruminating in my brain, and one should be written before the other, but I've got a few things to get off my brain first, so I bring you Sixteen Things on the Sixteenth Day of the Craziest Month of the Year.

1. Boston. Horrible. Sigh.

2. STAAR. One of the reasons the month of April is all craaay up in this place is because of this ridiculous test. We have one on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of April, and again one on the last(ish) Tuesday and Wednesday in April. That's a lot of tiny bubbles to fill in, and my littles and I are both the worse for the wear. I'm trying to get very creative in how we review for this freaking test. Next week can't get here fast enough.

3.  After the first STAAR of the month, I may have muttered to my principal "I have earned EVERY DROP of wine in my fridge." Truth.

4. I managed to finagle myself into getting the district to buy me an iPad. I'm so excited! EXCEPT. I was supposed to get it today. The secretary told me I was getting it today. It is ready to go, but our tech person has to do one little thing to it. She went to my room to find me, but I wasn't there, so she left to go to the other school she serves and never came back. The fun part of this whole thing? The reason I wasn't in my room was because I was in the computer lab with my class and I was just talking to her! She didn't know I was the one that was getting the iPad and I didn't know it had come in yet. Sigh. My hands... they have no iPad in them.

5.Because the district is switching over to Apple products, and I'm getting a MacBook Pro here in the near future, I'm trying to back up all of my files. I moved all of my fonts on to my EHD, which meant I had to go into my C drive. Don't worry. A simple click and drag should do it. Or, it could turn my email into this.

6. Let's also talk about how not that my computer knows it's being replaced, it's decided to go all bat-crap crazy and quit recognizing my disc drive ALTOGETHER. Or my iPhone. Or my iTunes.I'm about done with the whole thing.

7. Project Life- I'm keeping up with it, and not getting too behind, and need to print out about two weeks worth of photos. I'm just not keeping up with sharing it on the blog or anything. Maybe soon.

8. I've been doing so much sitting lately that I'm rarely at home, and it's really starting to interfere with my regular life. I've had to miss countless Wednesday nights with my first and second graders, a few Sunday mornings, and more Wyldlife's than I'd care to admit. I hate missing, and feel like a real flake when I keep having to turn them down, but the money I make sitting is SO good. I've made rent every month this year so far, and April and May are already covered as well.

9. Tonight, I made hard-boiled eggs. Successfully. For the first time EVER. And not for a lack of trying. I started with six, and only three survived the ordeal, but they are perfect. Thanks to countless googling and searching on pinterest, I think I have found my groove. And yes, I took a picture to include in Project Life about it.

10. Reality TV- I do not watch it...except every once in a while. When I was babysitting my beloved boys a few weeks ago, they left the television on, and the single worst reality television show ever came on: Splash. And now I'm hooked. And I can't say I'm a better person for it. Please don't judge me.

11. Watching Joey Lawrence interview Kareem Abdul-Jabar is hilarious. Joey doesn't even come up to Kareem's shoulder.

12. Hannibal. This is also a new show I'm watching, because I love Hugh Dancy and just about everything he's in. But this show. This is some creepy sh!t. And I am not one to use that word casually. (Creepy- the other word I use very casually.)

13. This Sunday, there is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie show starring Alexis Bleidel (sp?) who was Rory Gilmore and Zachary Levi (whom I'd willingly marry on the spot) and it has a Maroon 5 song playing in the background and my insides are already swooning and it's only Tuesday. I am going to have a hard time enforcing my recent "No TV on Sundays" boundaries.

14. Field Day is this Friday. It is supposed to be approximately 42 degrees outside when my kids participate. This is stupid. I am not happy about it. At all.

15. Not prepared for my class tomorrow. I was doing this instead. I haven't thought yet of a creative activity to do that doesn't involve filling in little bubbles. Instead, I'm using my brainpower to figure out how I'm going to bring the math awesome to the kids after the test. Which I'm totally both stoked and scared about in equal amounts.

16. Would I leave you without a video? (Courtesy of the BFF)

or two:

 Love it.

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