Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walkers and First Grade

(warning: this post is basic fangirl fluff meets pinterest. Proceed with caution)

Four years ago, KC and I started teaching fourth grade together. I had a class of very limited girls, and they kept moving away. The first to go was an aspiring actress, whose mother decided to homeschool her while she made trips back and forth to LA. 

She had a sister that was in first grade, and she was a hot mess. She stayed behind with little brother. 

Fast forward to last year, and we see little sister's name on our rolls, in KC's class. I was less than thrilled. (See 'hot mess' above.) She ended up moving the week before school started, because sister got a part in LA, and they were moving there full time. 

Big Sister was on this little show called "Touch", and hung out with Kiefer Sutherland. 
Little Sister kept trying to land a part. 

Finally, she did:
She's the top left.
Yeah. She's on a little show called The Walking Dead, which I watched every week even before she was on it. 

So, surreal. 
This season, her character's a little psycho, so that's fun to watch...

Those that watch the show regularly will get this one. 

Let's talk about that show, shall we? It's a personal favorite of mine, and believe it or not, this actually inspired me and will be made into something for my apartment soon:

First of all, lest you think I'm tough and can easily watch a show like this, do not be fooled. I haven't watched tonight's episode, because I can't watch that show and go to bed anytime shortly thereafter. 


So accurate. The basic structure of the show is something like this:
I've skipped weeks before, but always come back to it. I can't quit you Walking Dead. 
I never watch it live, and never with anyone, because I'm sure they'd be annoyed to no end when I squee'd over these two scenes from the last episode (that I watched... I'm still 2 behind live tv). 

Judith is ALIVE! 

Carol came BACK!
The only exception to that is when I watch it with my 3 teenagers in their movie room on the projector. Zombie apocalypse is even scarier when it's life-sized. Just saying.

My favorite character is Daryl Dixon, and one of my favorite things about the fandom of the show is the wide appeal his character has to the womenfolk of the country. I love it when people talk about how much they love Daryl Dixon.

I don't love Daryl Dixon. (It's almost unAmerican for me to say that). I love Norman Reedus, the actor that plays him. 

All the women that watch the show say they want a man like Daryl Dixon, but I think in real life, if their husband (who hadn't showered properly or changed clothes since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse) came in holding their newborn saying "I think we'll name her Little Asskicker", they'd rethink that decision. 

Me? I will take Norman Reedus, thankyouverymuch (since we're picking out imaginary boyfriends). I've heard the actor interviewed before, and he's extremely delightful. He's a creative, and not just in the acting way. He loves photography, and is very artistic and humble. 

And there's this:

Yeah. We're perfect for each other. 

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