Sunday, April 20, 2014

Daisy's Easter

Happy Easter! 
Today was a fun family day, 
and Daisy had boatloads of fun. 

I'll let her tell you about our day:
We got up, and she needed a little back rub.
Oh. Hi. Um, don't mind me. 
Then, it was time for me to get ready for church
and her to burrow back under the covers.  
Weirdest dog ever.
Cutest dog honey ever. 
 She came out for air when she heard the hair dryer.
Oh. Hi there. I see you're almost ready. 

The Easter Bunny comes for puppies too.  
Loved the toy. The harness? Notsomuch
The sister's boyfriend came to lunch, 
so Daisy made a new friend.  
If you will pet me I will love you forever
Then she just took over the chair altogether.   
Possession. Nine-tenths of the law.
Ten-tenths of the puppy laws
 Daisy had her own feast.
Chicken 'mutt'balls.
Didn't eat the vegetables.
At all.
While the sister's boyfriend
 was checking scores on his phone, 
she just moseyed right onto his lap.
So much activity, 
she couldn't keep her eyes open  
on the long, enduring, 15 min. ride home. 
Her life is hard.
We just don't understand. 
And a little vintage Easter for you:
Hello 1980

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