Sunday, February 01, 2015

The picture I've taken a thousand times...

Yesterday morning, lying on the couch all snuggly and warm, I took this picture:

Often enough, I find myself taking the same picture over and over and over.
Here's a small sampling of the pictures.

I was thinking about this whole "taking-the-same-picture-over-and-over" yesterday, and why I take this picture over and over again, and I realized it's because this is my happy place.
On my couch
With my blanket that The Aunt made me.
And one made by my Nani, too.
And my puppy.
And enough time to lay down and watch a tv show and relax.

If only for an hour or so.

But don't worry.
I end up taking a lot of these pictures too:

This girl. 

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