Wednesday, July 01, 2015

{Half} A Year in Review

July 1.
Happy day to you Canada.

I went back to January to read all my blog posts from the year so far. There are only 16, so it's not really that hard or time consuming. (And apparently I skipped blogging in April altogether).

Back in January, I posted about my one little word {magic} and my wish for the new year:

So far... 
has it been filled with magic and dreams and good madness? A little bit. 
have I read some fine books? A few here and there. {Sea of Tranquility, Station Eleven}
have I been kissed by someone who thinks I'm wonderful? Notsomuch. 
have I made some art? A little bit here and there.
have I surprised myself? Here and there. In both good and bad ways. 

Do I still believe in the {magic}? Yes. 
Did I hear "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" today? Yes. 
Did that remind me that there's still six more months of magic to come? 


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