Friday, June 22, 2007


I have taught school for seven years. Including my first year of teaching, I have moved into seven times. Yes, I have moved every year I have taught. Every year. I am moving again this year. Now, mind you, I have taught at my current school for six years. So, every time I move, it's just to another place in the building. So, now, I'm moving from the portable (trailer) back to the mainland. The problem with (all of) these moves is that no one's breathing down my neck to get out of the room. So, I basically have boxes of crap strewn amongst several rooms of the school. Because, I get all of the big stuff in the new room, and all that's left is the miscellaneous. I put that in red because it's a bad, bad word. It's all the crap that I didn't really have a place for in the first place, and now have no place for in the second (or seventh) place. So that's what's left to move, and lemme tellya there's nothing that can kick a girl's ADHD in like miscellaneous crap.
There's no real point to this. Other than I hate
miscellaneous crap.

Other miscellaneous thoughts:
- I'd forgotten how funny the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer was!
- The gym is pretty empty on a Friday afternoon.
- I read this and this and thought they were very funny.
- My newest project is giving me wickedly miscellaneous dreams. They make no sense whatsoever.
- I have seen so many commercials for and sneek peeks of Evan Almighty that I may not want to see it anymore. But I DO want to see License to Wed. The minute it comes out. The. Minute. The. Very. Minute.
- I do not do well with time on my hands...


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM CDT

    where in the world was the sunset/lake photo on your homepage taken? beautiful! jennie bowe

  2. Thank you! It is absolutely beautiful. It's actually a pond in Royse City/Rockwall at our kids camp. There's an even better picture of the pond without me in it!



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