Friday, July 20, 2007


So, it looks like I am moving. And my real window of opportunity is next weekend. And the apartment I found has already been rented. So here was my afternoon:

"yes, do you have any one-bedroom apartments available? On the ground floor? Next weekend? Hello? Are you still there? Hello?"

Yeah. I won't bore you with the insanely busy details of my next week. But OHMIHEAVENSTOBETSY I am off my rocker! And, to top it all off, my church is supposed to fast tomorrow until Sunday morning. Fast from food. I've got your fast right here. It's called just how FAST can I get this food into my mouth?!

Okay. Maybe this is a little exaggerated (maybe?). I'm not going to be destitute if I don't find an apartment by next weekend. I live with family. They won't kick me out. I'm just going to be very inconvenienced. But I'll live, and I'll get it figured out. God already has it figured out, and He'll let me in on it. Eventually. Until then, I'll just freak out a little on my end...and breathe...breathe...breathe...breathe...


  1. Why is your church fasting?

  2. We're studying Sabbath and practicing different elements of ceasing. This one is about trust and control, and we're using the time to examine what controls us and areas where we need to be controlling. We're breaking fast together as a church tomorrow after service.

    We've also in the past weeks practiced ceasing to talk for one hour, with no Bible, no journal, nothing, and also practicing resting from responsibilities and being open to relationships and resting together.

    I haven't been in worship due to some other responsibilities, so I've missed out on the practicing of these, but I'm hearing some positive feedback from other church members...

  3. I think across the board in suburban churches in America there's a unique desire to get a grasp on the disciplines that The Church has used over the centuries to focus on their relationship with God. Good to see FBC working through some of those together. Very nice.

    What's even more encouraging to me is that this desire appears to be driven by the younger ages in the congregations. They seem to be curious about those practices and it's good for any church to listen to the younger ones and explain them as well as remind the older ones why we do what we do.



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