Monday, July 30, 2007

Not-So-Silent Lucidity

Thought I'd monolopize on a lucid moment. Came out of surgery with my sense of humor intact, but my spelling and my dignity most definitely were not. Did I really have any dignity left before I went into surgery? In texting a friend after I got home, and in sending an email, I had to delete so many characters due to misspelled words, it was ridiculous.

My surgeon is about the nicest, funniest person I've ever met. My friend T still holds the title as the funniest, but my surgeon resembles him a little, so it may be that. My anestegiologist (I'm not even trying for spelling on that one) was not funny. I think I may have insulted his trade when I told him I was going to fake amnesia when I came to, just to freak out my mother. I thought I was being nice by letting him in on the joke. Apparently, I'm just not funny. Not as funny as my aunt, though. She suggested I come to cursing inappropriately just to see what my mother would do.

The one thing I have done quite a bit since coming out of surgery....getting the hiccups and burping. Excuse me.

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  1. It sucks when anesthesiologists don't have a sense of humor about their profession. The first time I tried to crack a joke with one, it was when my wife had her deviated septum fixed. I was in pre-op with her when the anesthesiologist came in, and introduced herself, saying, "Hi, I'm Dr. So-and-so, and I'll be putting you to sleep today..."

    I thought that line she used was hysterical, and I started laughing. My wife, her mother, and Dr. So-and-so all looked at me like I was the one on drugs.

    The anesthesiologist for the surgery I had this past week was pretty cool. He was jovial and seemed pretty laid back, and just before he gave me the first dose of happy juice, asked if he could pray for me! Of course I said yes, and he laid hands on me and said a prayer to the Lord. Very cool.

    I wish I would've thought of the whole amnesia thing. Of course, my wife wasn't in the post-op room when I came to, so trying to pull that with the staff might've lead to bigger problems...



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