Saturday, November 10, 2007

Making a Day of it...

I couldn't have picked a better looking day for my day for me. It's dreary. And though it's not rainy, it's still kind of yucky.

I'm updating my iPod with about three months of updates, because I lost my cord, and I'm finally with it enough to snag my aunt's. And it's taking forever.

I'm going to my classroom to get some work done. I need to get cleaned up after the week, and I need to get next week off to a good start. I would like to be alone in my classroom, but I know I won't and that's okay. One of my coworkers will be there, which is almost another reason in itself to go. She's leaving tomorrow to put her mother into a "home" kind of thing, and right now she needs all the prayers and encouragement she can get. And even thought she talks my ear off and it drives me crazy, right now she needs someone to sit and listen, and that I can do.

I'm also taking the dogs with me, because they deserve a day out, and I need dogfood anyways. I'm thinking I might get Daisy Belle a new bed so she can curl up all warm-like as the weather gets cold.

I'm going to Starbucks, because it's a dreary day and you go to Starbucks on a dreary day. It's also officially the Christmas season because they now have the red cups. Red cup time is one of my favorite times of the year, along with college football season and spring break mission trip. I'm going to sit with a backpack full of papers to grade, and a journal and a Bible and an iPod, and see where the mood sends me with it. Most of the time, the mood of the Starbucks determines whether I will spend time grading papers or spend time with God.

And tonight, to end my day with me, I'm going to a thing with my friend Mo. I work with her daily, and miss her when she's gone and even though we're BFF at work, she and I and two other girls are starting to branch out into being friends outside of work, which is a wonderful and at the same time scary thing. Girl friendships are hard man. They're not easy.

And I can't help but simply enjoy myself right now. Bulldog to the left of me, Shih Tzu to the right. (Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.)

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