Friday, November 09, 2007

Maybe Tomorrow...

I honestly made two or three attempts to get to the computer to type this week. Once on Wednesday and once on Thursday, but life just kept getting in the way.

I was going to write about a few more things that are of a deeper nature, and probably will later. Like how I'm spending some more time just trying to listen to the Spirit and do more than just brush off the questions He's prompting me to ask myself. And like how I'm noticing and questioning how my relationship with God and my relationship with others are entertwined and interdependent upont each other. Or like what I'm coming to learn about the theological component to my panic attacks that briefly resurfaced a few days ago.

But there is fun stuff as well. Like what I got my prankster boss for Boss' Day. (I can't write about it without posting a picture of the masterpiece, and dangit if I can't remember to have both the pictures and an internet connection at the same time) Or, like when my aunt told my mom that I wanted a guitar so I could take guitar lessons, and my mother said that maybe I should take lessons first and then get a guitar later, because I guess she thought I would be taking lessons from Phoebe and not touching the guitar until she said it's okay. ("I nailed the old lady!") Or even a few pictures of my latest couple of projects that have my creative juices flowing and my mess spread out from door to door of my apartment.

But it's Friday night and it's been one heckuva long week, so I'm going to crash and burn for the evening...

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