Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things I've Done Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

1. gone 4 days without makeup
2. broken almost every nail on my fingers
3. cleaned almost every room of my apartment and gotten about half of the pictures hung up (yes, I know I've lived there for almost 4 months
4. gotten most of my Christmas shopping done
5. gotten most of my Christmas music re-downloaded on my iPod
6. been to almost every friggin store in the land looking for a specific sold-out item for my girls for Christmas
7. lost about 8 million 7 eBay auctions for said item
8. wracked my brain trying to think of an alternative gift for the girls in case I can't come through on that stupid item
9. seen two movies (Enchanted is a great movie, and August Rush was very good to me because I connect through music and that's what the whole movie was about)
10. watched multiple nail-biter SEC games that went into overtime
11. discussed said games with most of the people that I know that pledge allegiance to a SEC team.
12. purchased and put up both of my Christmas trees, and thanks to my girls coming over, the front 1/3 of each of them is beautifully decorated
13. worked on a few art projects, started a writing piece, graded a few papers, got some lesson plans done, and seriously seriously thought about getting a guitar...

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