Saturday, December 01, 2007

I Think I Passed

I would have posted this yesterday, but it was an exhausting day and I have limited internet access, and I just couldn't put out the effort.

I have several little ones in my room that have issues. But one of my life's mottos is "Hey...we all have issues." So, I try to just deal with what walks through the door every morning. And yesterday, I think all of my little ones met before school and said to each other "hey guys, let's kick our crazy up a notch today!"

So, one of my little guys started having issues, and it started spiraling a little quickly into crazy. And it stayed there for roughly 72 minutes. And I was able to step back, do my own thing, and let it all go where it needed to go and not get myself stressed out, and not loose it. Which shows tremendous growth for me.

See this little guy...I'm pretty sure he was looking for me to lose it. And I didn't. Because I know that the only thing he's ever used to when he gets like this is people losing it. And I think he needs to know that when he loses control, I'll be there to still have control so that he's okay. So, it was a test from him and probably from Him as well.

And I think I passed.

(And I congratulated myself with a margarita and a long sleep)


  1. I dunno...

    ...but I think our world would be a bit more interesting if we all decided to kick our crazy up a notch today.

  2. Oh most certainly! Because when my little ones do it, they're so good at it that you have to sit back and laugh and join in!

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