Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year In Review

So, I thought I'd hit a few highlights from this year:

Gators win National Championship
Signed up for gym. Stop laughing.
Lots of snow and ice and magic. (I teach children after all).

Dad's birthday
New Laptop
Met yearbook deadline
Celebrated my birthday. Some things will forever remain secret and inside-ally joked about

Elvis goes fishing
Got bangs
Mission Trip. Knew then that it would be my last, though I thought that last year and it wasn't.

Gators win ANOTHER National Championship
Really explored singleness
Thoroughly enjoyed playing with the principal's cell phone

Began exploring my creativity...took off like a wildfire, and I'm better for it
Finally began writing a little more...still working on this one.
Said goodbye to my princes and princesses

Kids Praise Days

Aunt surgery
my surgery (my mother had a whipping of a worrying month)
Discovered my aunt and her family were moving to Lubbock (consider world significantly rocked)
Got special phone call from Fabio

School began again. Met my little ones. Fell in love instantaneously.
Moved. Whoa.

Got a classroom football player
Got a dining room table and recovered chairs

Rudy got a new home
Halloween extravaganza at school

Korean Karaoke Joint

Aunt moved.
Restlessness set in (well, today it did).

When I look back over the year like this, I'm reminded that my life is oh-so-ordinary. But I prefer it that way. Things that don't show up in recounts like this are actually the important ones: I can honestly say this year I've been a better teacher, and a better daughter. And I'm on my way to being a better sister. And that's really all I can or want to expect or even ask for.

Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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