Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Which I Think I Am Oh So Smart, But Am Oh So Not

Warning: This post began when I started dealing with a computer after a day of dealing with second graders. This really didn’t even start off with even half a chance.

So, my laptop has been affectionately referred to in this blog as a ghetto hatchback. It is five years old, on it’s third hard drive and second motherboard. It sucks. It’s also my only computer. Which also sucks. And it belongs to the school district, so I can’t call someone up and demand that they replace it or they will lose my all important business. Because they don’t care and would probably take it away from me anyways.

Because this is my only computer, I keep all of my iTunes and photos on this laptop, which eats up approximately, um, ALL of my free space. So, the computer runs slow. Like, ketchup-bottle-on-the-roof-run-down-eleventy-billion-flights-of-stairs-and-get-there-just-in-time slow.
So, upon the advice of our former tech person, I go and get an external hard drive. And our new tech person helps me install it. And it’s click and drag, and I think to myself…I can click. I can drag. I am set!

Let the program moving begin! Hey, um, this looks like it takes up a lot of space. Let’s just draggity drag that bad boy over to Mr. Maxtor, the external hard drive. Yeah! It’s there now! Look! Free space on my hard drive! The little pink sliver is growing ever so much larger! Take that blue pie piece!

Hmm…I think this calls for some celebratory music. Maybe a little Mat-Kearney-that-I-love-so-much, or possibly some Killers to rock out to….but, wait a minute. I clicked on iTunes, and it seems to be COMPLETELY EMPTY!

(Here is where we insert the first-rate, full-scale, Holy-of-Holies-is-that-woman’s-head-on-fire?!?! HISSY FIT. It wasn’t pretty, so I will spare you most of the details, but let it be noted that I will be spending a good bit of time in repentance and thank God I’m not a Catholic or that rosary would be permanently etched into my palms.)

The end result is my iTunes. That has roughly 18 songs on it. One is by Weird Al Yankovic, it’s just on there twice. My iTunes duplicates every song in two different forms. I’m not sure why. Two songs are by A Fine Frenzy. Again, the duplication. And the rest are all of the songs on the NSYNC Christmas Album. Shut Up. At least you now know why I’m on such a tear.

Really, I am astounded at my destructive capabilities when it comes to screwing up technology. They could write epic poetry about it. I’m surprised they haven’t already done so.
Now, this is not the first time I’ve opened up a COMPLETELY EMPTY iTunes program (see hard drive and motherboard issues above). And I will figure it out in time. It’s just a pain in the ass. Thus the rant.

You were warned.

As for me, I’m gonna step away from the computer, finish watching The Italian Job, go to bed, and pretend none of this ever happened.


  1. I found your blog through a comment you left on my sister-in-law's, Amy's, blog. I was looking at your profile and saw you had read Blue Like Jazz and liked it. I am almost finished with it and LOVE it. What is ironic is I just left a comment on a local preacher's blog about the book and then happened upon your blog and saw it mentioned there, too. It is thought provoking to say the least and I am so thoroughly enjoying it I am considering turning right around and reading it all over again when I'm finished. Also, I'm a molder, too...but mine are 15 and there are 77 of them.

  2. I have read Blue Like Jazz so very many times, and can't wait to read his new one. It helps me rethink how I connect to God. I keep thinking that I am going to take the book and reread each chapter, about a week at a time and then explore, write about, I feel and relate and just am with that part of my connection with God.

    And 15 year olds are way too much for me...I do small group with seven of them and it wears me out sometimes! 77?!?! I'd rather have 77 second graders!



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