Friday, February 22, 2008

I am absolutely in LOVE with…

…the tv show “Bones”. Every week they have brilliantly intellectual humor, and they integrate music by artist like Howie Day and Mike Doughty. It is SO me.
…James McAvoy. Between Atonement and Becoming Jane, I may have to love him forever. Is it the Scottish/Irish accent? Possibly. Is it the gorgeous blue eyes? Definitely. Is it the roguish charm? Absolutely. Can’t wait to see Penelope!!
…my little ones. They remind me that the things which we love most are also the things that bring us the most frustration, joy, annoyance, happiness, pain, and love. I kinda imagine it’s what a marriage is like.
…the weather lately. I’m loving a whole Saturday of rainy thunderstorms that require hibernation indoors, followed by a week of gorgeous weather that leaves me driving with the windows down on the way home.
…the end of the day, as the kids are leaving and all of the yuck of the day is over and you can almost hear the sigh of relief, and there’s the promise of a new day the next day.
…reading some of my children’s writing. They define creativity.
…the fact that my friend Melissa and I are so alike, even down to the fact that we both have a secret wish to be able to play the violin and marry a boy in a bluegrass band, except that she’s already married, but her husband does play guitar. And she would totally be able to follow that sentence.
… my dog. She’s pretty funny and naughty and crazy and everything that I imagine I would be if I was a god. Oh and my aunt’s dog. He’s just flipping hilarious.
…the possibility of a happy ending. It makes it worth getting up in the morning.

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