Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy in a Time of Frustration

So, woke up this morning in a mood. Went to Starbucks, and apparently my favorite barista was in a mood about their big training coming up, so he was in a mood as well. Went to church in a mood, but was soon lifted out of it from Worship, which is unusual (Once I'm in a mood, it usually gets in the way of worshipping God, but today it didn't).

Had to take a drive into downtown Dallas for a cell-phone related thing, and nothing eases my soul like a drive, anywhere, that takes more than fifteen minutes (a byproduct of suburban living). As I'm driving, I'm thinking about the morning, and thinking about loving my drive, and as I'm bebopping through the grocery store, I'm thinking of why I'm all of a sudden in a better mood. And you people know how much I love me a list.

1. I get to see my aunt the day after the day after the day after tomorrow. That's Friday in case you don't want to do the math. Or the English.
2. An open interstate and a cloudy overhead. Almost as perfect as a sunny overhead.
3. The cd that happened to be in the player, in which I put all of my favorite songs on one CD. Long story.
4. A fun song to dance through the grocery store listening to.
5. Lucky Charms are on sale.
6. My lunch sandwiches that I stock up on are on sale.
7. Saving 15 dollars and getting a fuel discount. Now if I could only remember to go over to that gas station next time I need to fill up!
8. I cleaned my apartment yesterday, so I get to come home to a somewhat organized sanctuary.
9. The second installment of Pride and Prejudice on PBS tonight (even though I own both the miniseries and movie, and watch both frequently). It's still nice.
10. A Sunday afternoon/evening all to myself, with no meetings.

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