Tuesday, February 12, 2008


How to go from miserable to almost top speed in just a few short hours…
1. Leave work early and let someone else cook for you. In this case, it was Chick-Fil-A, and leaving work early meant at 5 instead of 6.
2. Puffs plus Vicks Kleenex. That’s good stuff, man. Good stuff.
3. Pajamas by 6:00
4. A particularly nice dog. Yeah, she knows when I’m not well. That doesn’t stop her from stealing a piece of cheese (or 3) when I set them down to blow my nose. But she was still pretty quiet and very close to me at all times.
5. Getting a lot of work done. I’m just that way. Getting things accomplished helps me feel a little better.
6. Tylenol Cold Nighttime. It’s hard not to take it every night. This guarantees a good night’s sleep and then some.
7. Waking in the middle of the night to the sound of hail on the window followed by a loud thunder-boom. Makes it all-the-more-snuggly.
8. The prospect of a project. Tonight I’m going to make my Valentine’s Day box, and I think I may be more excited than the kiddos!
9. Extra Starbucks. Nuff said.

Notice I said "almost" top speed. That's because even though I was well on the road to recovery, I put eyeliner on my lips and tried to get out of the car even before I unbuckled my seatbelt. Some things can't be helped by medicine...

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