Monday, March 24, 2008


This was the best trip of five years. Words can't describe it. But a series of lists can.

Mission Trip 2008

1. Never let an engaged woman put together the Mission Trip Mix CD.
2. One deck of cards can keep 2 17-year old boys busy for 2+ solid hours.
3. It’s not mission trip until I eat it on the grass and get a good scrape/bruise (or, some girls should not play football.)
4. If there was an incident involving some glow sticks, a kite, and Hwy 83, we were not involved.
5. By Wednesday evening, nothing- nothing- is more fun than a late night trip to Wal-mart with a new friend.
6. Barnes and Noble has 6 copies of The Shack- well, 2 now- and I should have bought the other two while I had the chance.
7. One can of sunscreen will cover 37 children, and have enough left in it to do some serious damage to the shirt of the goofball that put it in his pocket and bend down exactly on the trigger…
8. When you get home, it isn’t easy to transition from driving an 11 passenger van to a Ford Escape…that is, after you get the Escape out of the impound lot. (Mom, it’s parking space 159…)
9. The secret to finding true laughter is in a van full of 17-year olds.
10. This van is a new family. Alike and different, we’re a family with a slew of inappropriate inside jokes, laughter, and much, much love.

Notable Quotes:
- “Be a leader, not a follower.”
- “I’m not going to lie to you.”
- “Nepotism”
- “What chapter are you on?”
- “Smells like that do NOT come from girls.”
- “It’s too late to apologize (eh, eh)”
- “Those are your words!”

Artists to Check Out:
· Modest Mouse
· Copeland
· Sufjan Stephens
· Early November
· Sam the Boy
· Pedro the Lion
· Kings of Leon

There's also a bunch of letters I want to write. I'll save those for another post.

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  1. OMG!!! this made me laugh out loud. I guess cause my imagination kicked into hyper gear and I could just "see" what you guys' did. I am glad this was such a great experience for you too. sounds like it was a blast!!!



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